Parents Describe Fear and Anguish Under Trump’s Family Separation Policy In just the first two weeks under Trump’s new family separation policy, 658 children have been taken from parents, almost 46 children per day.  At this rate, thousands of children could be taken from parents within months as a result... Continue »
Parents Separated from Children by Trump’s Family Separation Policy are Asking Questions but Getting No Answers In many courtrooms along the southern border, parents of children taken by DHS are asking questions about the children DHS took from them under the Trump administration’s new family separation policy.  Where is... Continue »
The Trump Administration’s policy of seizing children, including toddlers and infants, and ripping them from the arms of their parents as part of a new “zero tolerance” strategy at the border, is being condemned by thought leaders and ordinary citizens with growing ferocity. New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof... Continue »
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) went on Face the Nation over the weekend to talk about the Trump Administration’s ongoing practice of separating families and children at the border, where he proceeded to be a font of inaccuracies and falsehoods that we know he knows are wrong. Here’s what he... Continue »
Today, a number of House and Senate Democrats joined mothers, caregivers, and advocates outside the U.S. Capitol to speak out against the Trump Administration’s ongoing policy of separating families and children at the border. In conjunction with the event, dozens of women’s organizations submitted a letter to Congressional leaders... Continue »