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“Cruelty of the highest form”: Observers Call Out Trump’s Morally Bankrupt Family Separation Policy

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Trump’s infamous family separation policy is still haunting us, and after new court documents revealed that the parents of 545 children that have still not been united with their children and are unable to be located, leaders and observers are rightfully outraged.

    • In a statement by Vice President Joe Biden, “It’s an outrage, a moral failing, and a stain on our national character…My Administration will treat asylum seekers at our border with dignity and ensure that they receive the fair, legal hearing to which they are entitled. I’ll send a bill to Congress on day one that will create a roadmap to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented individuals already living in and strengthening the United States.” 
    • The atrocities of the administration have even reverberated to Rome, where Pope Francis pronounced his disgust in a new documentary, “Francesco:” “‘It’s cruelty, and separating kids from parents goes against natural rights…It’s something a Christian cannot do. It’s cruelty of the highest form.’” 
    • In a serious comment, straight to camera with minimal joking on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Colbert took a moment to acknowledge the recent revelations and called on the American people to vote: “Now that we know that these children were stolen from their parents and cannot be returned because of the negligence of the administration. That is one of the things you are voting on. You can’t say you don’t know…Tearing these children from their parents wasn’t some bureaucratic oversight it was a plan. Cruelty was the plan.” 
    • A Washington Post editorial, “Let’s not mince words. The Trump administration kidnapped children:” “The Trump administration’s immorality, cruelty and bureaucratic malpractice in tearing migrant toddlers, tweens and teens away from their parents in 2017 and 2018 were the work of many co-conspirators….At Justice, top officials washed their hands of ethical responsibility regarding the children’s welfare. The job of protecting blameless children from emotional trauma is not a government ‘equity’; it is a human obligation. It is basic human decency, which was lacking in all the senior officials who helped implement this unspeakably callous policy.” 
    • In an opinion piece penned by LATimes, Scott Martelle: “The most disturbing aspect of this ongoing tragedy is that it was brought about intentionally by the Trump administration, whose representatives cared so little about the human implications of their actions that they didn’t bother to keep track of which families it was destroying…History will not judge this administration lightly for a host of reasons. But the emotional torture intentionally inflicted on migrant children and their families stands alone as an indictment of Trump’s fundamental inhumanity. And it indicts, too, those who urged on these practices and who took part in them.” 
    • San Francisco Chronicle’ Editorial Board, wrote “The irreversible monstrosity of the Trump administration’s family separations:” “To live under the Trump presidency is to endure more reports of wrongdoing than the human capacity for outrage can reliably accommodate…This was not the federal law enforcement it claimed to be but rather a purposeful violation of U.S. and international law protecting asylum seekers as well as an affront to human rights and decency. For too many who made the grave error of seeking America’s protection and mercy, the consequences cannot be redressed or reversed.”