Mayora is no ordinary 15-year-old. Last year, she endured a treacherous two-month journey to the safety of the US after a gang member in Honduras attempted to kill her. It’s sadly a common story for thousands of other Central American mothers and children residing in the United States. But because Mayora’s request for asylum was denied… Continue »

Earlier today, leading House Democrats joined Central American parents and children at a press conference to condemn news of upcoming raids and the US treatment of Central American refugees seeking asylum. According to The Hill, “[Rep. Luis] Gutiérrez boiled down the Democrats’ message to five words: ‘Obama should stop the deportations.’” “We must make sure that these… Continue »

For the second time this year, the news that the Obama Administration is planning another round of immigration raids targeting Central American mothers and children is driving a deep sense of panic and fear within the immigrant community. While a number of leading Democrats — including Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders — have… Continue »

Following reports by Reuters yesterday that the Obama Administration is planning a new round of immigration raids targeting young mothers and unaccompanied children from Central America, a number of leading Democrats have added their voices to the growing chorus in strong opposition to the enforcement actions. In a statement yesterday, Senator Menendez (D-NJ) denounced the reported raids and called… Continue »

Frank Sharry: “For a nation that claims to be a world leader in refugee protection, in our own hemisphere we need to start acting like one ” A Reuters article today reports that the Obama Administration is going to initiate of surge of raids targeting young mothers and unaccompanied children from Central America. If true, then the Administration is… Continue »

High-schooler Kimberly should be sitting in a classroom like any other young person her age, but instead she’s sitting in a federal immigration detention center assembling packets of clothes for incoming detainees for one dollar a day. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is the latest major news organization to cover the story of 19-year-old Kimberly Pineda-Chavez, who… Continue »

“If I return to my country, I am sure I am going to my death.” Despite widespread outcry surrounding the Obama administration’s decision to target Central American teenagers for deportation, the enforcement actions have continued, with 336 young people detained to date. In a new must read piece in the LA Times Joseph Tanfani chronicles the stories of four teens currently held… Continue »

Senator Patrick Leahy had some choice words about a recent statement from immigration Judge Jack Weil, who claimed that toddlers as young as three, with some “patience,” could be taught enough immigration law to represent themselves before a judge in immigration court. “I’ve been on this committee for decades, a lawyer for decades, I’ve never… Continue »

Last week, Jerry Markon of the Washington Post wrote a startling piece entitled “Can a 3-year old represent herself in immigration court? This judge thinks so.” It quotes sworn testimony from Jack Weil, a senior Justice Department official and a long-time immigration judge who is responsible for training other judge, who asserts “I’ve taught immigration law literally to 3-year-olds… Continue »

Senior Justice Department Official: “I’ve told you I have trained 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds in immigration law’’ Earlier this year we learned that the Obama administration had ramped up efforts targeting young people who fled violence in Central America for deportation. While the administration insists those targeted in the most recent enforcement actions have exhausted all legal… Continue »