Slash refugee resettlement program to shreds   Last night the Trump administration announced the lowest target for refugees to be resettled in America since the passage of the Refugee Act of 1980. In response, Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, had this to say: Rescuing and resettling refugees is foundational to the American experiment.… Continue »

As we highlighted yesterday, when Trump and his GOP enablers get scared of losing, they reach for their political comfort food: they appeal to racism, traffic in xenophobia, and recklessly signal to White supremacists that violence in the service of aiding Trump might be necessary. We predict it will backfire politically. As the examples below… Continue »

Dramatic shift in a more liberal direction is a strong rebuke to Trump and Trumpism A deep-dive Pew Poll finds that during the most anti-immigrant administration in our lifetime, Americans have become dramatically more pro-immigrant. While “there continue to be stark differences” in how Americans view immigrants, “voters across the political spectrum have shifted in… Continue »

Frank Sharry: “At a time when immigrants across America are pulling their weight on behalf of all of us, it’s imperative that we as a nation treat them as essential members of the American family. All of us should mean all of us.”   The HEROES Act, introduced yesterday by Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats,… Continue »

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Originally published April 4, 2018; last updated February 10, 2020 For the last several decades, our asylum laws have helped America remain a beacon for refugees and peoples in need from all over the world. However, the Trump Administration has worked tirelessly to close all options for obtaining asylum in the U.S., leaving refugees mired… Continue »

The news that U.S. District Judge Peter Messitte has issued a preliminary injunction blocking President Trump’s executive order that allowed states and localities to reject refugee resettlement is a welcome development – a view shared by a host of leading refugee resettlement organizations and allies. In a joint statement, HIAS, International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP),… Continue »

“Abbott is a coward and diminishes Texas’ history and tradition as big, proud and confident enough to welcome refugees” Leading observers are blasting Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for siding with nationalist White House advisor Stephen Miller and turning his back on refugees and the state’s best interests and traditions. Among the litany of voices criticizing… Continue »

In a Washington Post column, Catherine Rampell is frank in her address to GOP officials stating “Texas, Florida, Georgia and other states that have benefited for years from refugee admissions: You have less than two weeks left to do the right thing. Please, just do it already.” The residents of these red states, as Rampell… Continue »

This week, 18 faith and civic leaders were arrested at the U.S. Capitol protesting to draw attention to the Trump Administration’s plans to slash America’s refugee program. Remarkably, one of those arrested, Anne Richard, ran the refugee resettlement program for the Department of State for many years and left out of disgust at the decimation… Continue »

Politico’s Ted Hesson’s recent article highlights the disastrous reality that has encompassed the world: America, once known as a safe haven for refugees has shut its doors, knocking the U.S. off its pedestal for being a worldwide leader for asylum seekers and refugees. While effectively ending refugee resettlement, Trump’s deranged asylum process is also leaving… Continue »