Republican 2024 presidential nominee Donald Trump and his white nationalist aide Stephen Miller have promised to take their anti-immigrant and nativist assault to a new level of chaos and discrimination in a potential second term, proudly and frequently invoking plans for the “largest domestic deportation operation in American history.”... Continue »
Ahead of this upcoming International Workers’ Day, a day to celebrate the achievements of workers and the labor movement, we recognize and honor the laborers – millions of whom are immigrants – who are critical to our everyday lives and national economy through their work caring for our loved... Continue »
Baltimore construction worker Maynor Suazo Sandoval dreamed of opening a small business in the area. Sandoval, who arrived in the U.S. from Honduras nearly two decades ago, loved all things machinery, his brother said. Miguel Luna, a grandfather and immigrant from El Salvador, worked alongside Sandoval as a valued... Continue »
Ahead of César Chávez Day this Sunday, several rallies around the country have been shining an important light on the late labor leader’s continued legacy, the vital contributions of farmworkers, and the ongoing need for justice, dignity, and full rights for these essential laborers.  United Farm Workers (UFW) hosted... Continue »
Washington, DC — The collapse of the Key Bridge in Baltimore is a tragedy that is once again being twisted by right-wing media and elected officials to scapegoat immigrants. Conspiracy theories about terrorists who cross the allegedly “open” border to do us harm is now a reflexive and utterly... Continue »
Immigrants commonly come to the U.S. to seek hope and new lives for themselves and their families. Their hard work, skills, and resilience also make our nation stronger and more prosperous, according to a new report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.  Findings from the CBO state that a... Continue »
This Thanksgiving, let’s honor and give thanks to the unseen guests at our dinner tables – the immigrants who helped make our meals possible. From side dishes like green beans and roasted potatoes, to main dishes like turkey and glazed ham, to the sweet fillings from our desserts, immigrants... Continue »
Labor Day is an annual observation won by labor activists who “pushed for a federal holiday to recognize the many contributions workers have made to America’s strength, prosperity, and well-being,” the U.S. Department of Labor said. According to new polling, labor unions enjoy strong support from the American people... Continue »
Ahead of Labor Day, United Farm Workers (UFW) and allies are set to form a mile-long, “human billboard” line in support of mushroom workers in Washington state. While a majority of workers at the Sunnyside-based Windmill Farms voted to unionize, the owners have refused to recognize the union –... Continue »
The first 2024 Republican presidential debate is set to take place this week, with former President Donald Trump, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and drug company executive Vivek Ramaswamy all qualifying for the... Continue »