The American idea at its best is the American dream come to life for America’s newcomers  In a new video address to be played at U.S. naturalization ceremonies, President Biden states: “Thank you for choosing us and believing that America is worthy of your aspirations.  Every immigrant comes to America for different circumstances and for… Continue »

Those at our border are mostly refugees fleeing Central America. Recognizing this reality can lead to us durable solutions. Those coming to our borders to seek safety are people who are fleeing gang violence, corruption, sexual violence, climate change and persecution. Until we recognize this fact, the perennial and simplistic “border crisis” framing will keep… Continue »

 The Biden administration is attempting to solve problems, put in place durable long-term solutions, and recognize the basic humanity and dignity of migrants and refugees. In contrast, Trump, Stephen Miller and Republicans are attempting to legitimize and return to the cruel deterrence strategies of the past. Below is a roundup of leading voices speaking to… Continue »

TW: violence, racism, & death Instead of working to pass the “Dream & Promise Act” or “Farm Workforce Modernization Act,” NBC News reporters Jacob Soboroff and Morgan Chesky are reporting that 19 Republican Senators are set “to ride up and down the Rio Grande on @TxDPS boats outfitted with multiple .30 caliber machine guns.” The “threat” that they… Continue »

At President Biden’s first official press conference this afternoon, we expect lots of questions about the border, asylum policy, and migration from Central America. Here is important context: Trump weaponized a broken system The Trump administration cut aid to Central America, increasing migration pressures. They ended investments in Central American countries that generate refugees and… Continue »

It’s certainly symptomatic to see how the combined narratives on the topic of immigration show the true intentions of those addressing the situation of thousands of immigrants who, even in this century, consider the United States to be their only salvation. The contrasts, of course, are evident, especially trying to resolve this problem from a… Continue »

Es ciertamente sintomático ver cómo las narrativas amalgamadas por el tema migratorio exhiben las verdaderas intenciones de quienes abordan la situación de los miles de inmigrantes que, aún en este siglo, consideran a Estados Unidos como su única salvación. Los contrastes, por cierto, son evidentes, sobre todo cuando se trata de resolver el problema desde… Continue »

Fresh off their blanket opposition to the wildly popular American Rescue Plan that promises to put checks in pockets, vaccinations in arms, people back to work and kids back in school, the GOP is desperate to change the subject. When Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head ran out of gas, they started howling about a… Continue »

Reviews of his political stunt at the border are harsh House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and a GOP delegation went to the border yesterday, the day arrests were made in the death of a Capitol Hill policeman during the January 6th attack on the Capitol. The political nature of this border stunt is so obvious,… Continue »

La decisión del Departamento de Seguridad Nacional (DHS) de activar a la Agencia Federal para el Manejo de Emergencias (FEMA) debería interpretarse como un acto responsable de parte de la administración Biden para atender de manera ordenada, pero sobre todo humanitaria, el aumento en el arribo de menores migrantes no acompañados a la frontera, así… Continue »