House Republicans and their right-wing allies are in an uproar over new Customs and Border Protection (CBP) guidance that simply instructs federal agents to treat LGBTQ migrants in their custody with a modicum of respect.  Under the guidance, agents are instructed to avoid using specific pronouns until they have... Continue »
NAACP Warns Florida “Is Openly Hostile Toward African Americans”; HRC Says DeSantis Is Weaving “Bigotry, Hate, and Discrimination Into State Law” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ cruel laws targeting marginalized communities continue to receive blowback from national and state organizations. Civil rights groups NAACP and Human Rights Campaign (HRC) have... Continue »
Immigrant, racial justice, and LGBTQ advocates in Florida are warning people to stay away from the state due to the onslaught of hateful laws and proposals pushed by Governor Ron DeSantis and the Republican-controlled state legislature, harkening back to similar warnings issued in the wake of Arizona’s notorious “papers,... Continue »
In 2018 and 2019, President Trump abandoned a long-standing refugee and asylum policy by issuing guidance that instructed USCIS officers to only consider marriages that were valid under the law of their home country. Unfortunately, this excluded many LGBTQ families, interfaith marriages, and those who were married in refugee... Continue »
One of the cruelest fixtures of Trump’s immigration agenda was the creation of Migrant Protection Protocols (“MPP”) which nearly dismantled our asylum system at the border. This inhumane program forced immigrants to wait in dangerous conditions, often in makeshift camps in Mexico, until their cases could be heard in... Continue »