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Buzzfeed: Chamber Of Commerce Has Spent $15 Million On 22 Candidates Who Oppose Immigration

The US Chamber of Commerce is supposed to be a key conservative supporter of immigration reform — their President, Tom Donohue, has repeatedly spoken in favor of reform with a path to citizenship, and the Chamber made headlines last year when it reached a breakthrough accord with the AFL-CIO that helped lead to the Senate immigration bill. … Continue reading »

Colorado Latino Leaders To Community: The Stakes Are High, Your Voice is Your Vote

Republicans Candidates – Gardner, Beauprez and Coffman – Would Create Lasting Damage on Immigration and Other Top Issues As ballots are mailed to voters across the state today, Latino leaders in Colorado held a press conference to highlight how important it is that Latino voters turn out in record numbers this election to make their … Continue reading »

New Alison Lundergan Grimes “Amnesty” Ad is An Example of How Democrats Should Not Run on Immigration

October 17, 2014 update: Grimes has announced she will be taking the ad down: Grimes campaign tells immigration-reform advocates she will pull offending ad and not use ‘the i word’ – #kysen #CIR — Joe Sonka (@joesonka) October 17, 2014 UPDATE: A number of progressive and get-out-the-vote groups have begun responding to Grimes.  Here’s a … Continue reading »

Bad News for Marco Rubio: Polling Shows Florida Latinos Blame Republicans for Failure to Pass Immigration Reform

Latino Decisions and NCLR released a new poll today of Florida Latino voters and their electoral sentiments this year on a host of issues, including immigration reform.  Florida Latinos have historically been more conservative, and included large populations of Cuban and Puerto Ricans, for whom the issue of immigration reform tends to be less salient.  But the state’s … Continue reading »

Fusion Millennial Poll: Nearly Half of Millennial Voters Say Dems Better Represent Their Views on Immigration

Republicans have a serious problem when it comes to engaging with voters who aren’t already part of their base — and that’s a truth that extends to Latinos, young voters, and others.  Today Fusion published their first-ever Massive Millennial Poll, which surveyed 1200 likely voters ages 18-34, with a number of questions on immigration. One of … Continue reading »

David Damore Analysis: Obama's Delay May Cost Democrats Latino Voters

Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters that President Obama delayed executive action on immigration until after the election because he didn’t want the former to be a “casualty” of the latter. “The concern is that, had the president moved forward with his announcement prior to Election Day, you would have seen Republican candidates … Continue reading »

Cory Gardner's House Record: More Conservative than Steve King, Right of Tancredo on Immigration

Bloomberg Politics has a great cover story today on the Senate race in Colorado between Sen. Mark Udall (D) and his challenger Rep. Cory Gardner (R).  It’s one of the most competitive races this fall, and is made even more important by the fact that Colorado is a significant bellwether for the rest of the country.  As the article notes, … Continue reading »

Aurora Sentinel Endorses Andrew Romanoff Over Rep. Mike Coffman

One of the hottest Congressional races this year is in Colorado’s 6th district, Rep. Mike Coffman (R) versus challenger Andrew Romanoff (D).  The district’s main newspaper has just endorsed Romanoff, in part over Coffman’s out of touch stance on immigration: When Coffman first went to Congress to represent a very different district, drawn farther south … Continue reading »

Karl Rove, Who Said Don't Refer to Immigration as "Amnesty," Runs Ad In Iowa Doing Just That

Yesterday, Daniel Strauss at Talking Points Memo exposed a new ad from Karl Rove’s American Crossroads PAC attacking Iowa’s Bruce Braley for supporting immigration reform.  The problem?  Karl Rove himself is a noted supporter of reform — he wrote this Wall Street Journal piece defending the Senate immigration bill last year.  Yet he’s targeting Braley for supporting “immigration amnesty — … Continue reading »

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