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Key Takeaways for 2018 Midterms: African American Voters in Virginia 2017

A recording of today’s event is available here. On a press call and webinar today, experts analyzed newly released Election Eve polling of the African American electorate in Virginia’s 2017 elections conducted by the African American Research Collaborative (AARC). The Black vote shifted significantly in the last 30 days before the Virginia election, resulting in strong … Continue reading »

Virginia Election Eve Poll Results: Virginia Turns Hate into Political Power

A recording of today’s event is available here. On a press call held today, CASA in Action, NextGen America and America’s Voice joined Matt Barreto of Latino Decisions to discuss the findings and implications of Election Eve polling of Virginia’s voters. The poll, which sampled white, African American, Latino and Asian American voters, was co-sponsored by … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Congratulates Community and Labor Groups Who Worked to Turn Hate into Political Power in Virginia

On Wednesday morning at 11 am eastern, America’s Voice will release a 1,600-person Election Eve survey of Latino, Asian American, African American, and white voters. The poll, conducted by Latino Decisions, will show the margins, views on key issues and the reach of air and ground games. To join tomorrow’s 11am ET call and webinar, please dial 877-876-9173, Passcode: Virginia Poll, WEBINAR: … Continue reading »

LIVEBLOG: What You Need To Know About the Virginia Elections on Tuesday, November 7

Today Democrats elected the first Latinas @guzman4delegate @HalaAyala; first openly transgender woman @pwcdanica; first Vietnamese-American @KathyKLTran to the Virginia House of Delegates. Diversity is one of our greatest strengths. #GameOnVA — Francisco J. Pelayo (@FranPelayo) November 8, 2017 Democrats will have veto power over Virginia's next post-census electoral map for the first time since 1991. … Continue reading »

Groups Gearing Up for Get-Out-the-Vote Effort in Virginia Ahead of the Nov. 7 Election

Woodbridge, VA – With five days to go in one of the most consequential elections of the Trump Presidency, NextGen America, CASA in Action, Center for Community Change Action, and America’s Voice Virginia are gearing up for a frenetic last push to get out the Latino vote in Virginia to combat the hateful and anti-immigrant … Continue reading »

With Two Weeks Left Before Election Day in Virginia, CASA in Action Launches Spanish Radio Ads to Turnout the Latino and Immigrant Vote

Falls Church, VA –  With just two weeks before the 2017 Virginia elections, CASA in Action is launching a series of Spanish language radio ads to turn out Latino and immigrant voters in Northern Virginia. The ads, which will air on Spanish Language radio stations across Northern Virginia, highlight Dr. Ralph Northam’s support for Virginia … Continue reading »

Ed Gillespie’s Campaign in Virginia Shows How Republicans Have Embraced Racism

Ed Gillespie, the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Virginia this year, has been running an ugly, race-based, fear-mongering campaign that demonizes immigrants and throws around nonsensical threats about MS 13. It’’s an ugly embrace of Trump’s tactics and if he wins, Republicans should brace themselves for a whole new crop of crazy in their candidates for … Continue reading »

The Urgent Reasons that Rep. Comstock Should Step Up and Support the Dream Act

Richmond, VA – President Trump’s decision to end DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, plunged 800,000 Dreamers into crisis, including more than 12,000 DACA recipients in Virginia. The solution is the bipartisan Dream Act. It’s urgent that Congress act, without undue delay and without unnecessary complications. This includes recognizing that the recently issued White House … Continue reading »

Tom Steyer, Immigrant Rights Advocates, and Canvassers Discuss Converting Politics of Hate into Power in VA Gubernatorial Race

A recording of today’s event is available here Woodbridge, VA — Less than a month from election day, Tom Steyer, President of NextGen America, joined America’s Voice, CASA in Action, and Center for Community Change Action on a press call today to denounce Ed Gillespie’s racially divisive campaign and to highlight the work of immigrant rights … Continue reading »

With Four Weeks to go till Election Day, Gillespie and Northam Face Off in Southwest Virginia

New Wason Center poll shows Northam with a 7-point lead; Gillespie out of step with majority of Virginians who disagree with premise of divisive, racist ads We’ve covered how important this race is for Virginia and how the national conversation on DACA, Muslim Bans v1-3, hate groups, all have driven the narrative in the commonwealth. … Continue reading »

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