Exit polls from last week’s Super Tuesday GOP primary races in Virginia, North Carolina, and California continue to reinforce the conclusion drawn from results in New Hampshire and South Carolina: a significant portion of the party’s primary base hasn’t been swayed by GOP candidates’ extreme and unworkable deterrence-only approach,... Continue »
The Virginia General Assembly recognized the contributions of the commonwealth’s domestic workers, recently introducing a resolution praising the often overlooked labor of the nannies, housekeepers, and home care workers who help make all other work possible. The resolution also seeks to establish an annual “Domestic Workers Day” every June,... Continue »
This past May, Gov. Glenn Youngkin, who may or may not be seeking the GOP presidential nomination, announced that he was engaging in a very GOP political stunt. He deployed 100 Virginia National Guard troops to the southern border to supposedly aid in Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone... Continue »
Following in the footsteps of other potential Republican presidential candidates, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin announced a $3.1 million deployment of 100 National Guard soldiers to the southern border in Texas (the only border state with a Republican Governor). This fits the pattern of Republicans offering dangerous and wasteful political... Continue »
Washington, DC – Virginia labor leader Jaime Contreras and Ohio business leader Steve Stivers are both calling on Congress to include immigration in the Build Back Better Agenda. Both argue that immigrant workers are crucial to helping mitigate the current worker shortage in America. Both address the role immigrants... Continue »
Takeaways from GOP Political Messaging and Ad Strategy in Virginia and New Jersey, and What They Can Tell Us About the 2022 Midterms  In Virginia, Republicans ran a racist campaign and won. As Greg Sargent wrote at the Washington Post, Republican Glenn Youngkin’s campaign “built heavily around stoking white... Continue »
Last night, Virginia Democrats chose their nominees for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General, setting up the general election matchups for this fall. In addition, all 100 seats in the Virginia House of Delegates are on the ballot in November. The stakes are high for immigration politics and policy.... Continue »
Maybe it’s because nativism as a wedge backfires Washington, DC – Republican leaders have been crowing about their plans to deploy immigration as a wedge issue in 2022. So, of course, they would use a special election in a suburban district in a border state to test drive their... Continue »
It is election year in Virginia. This weekend the Republican Party holds their convention to select statewide candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General. For the gubernatorial nomination, it’s already clear that the key issues are 1) fealty to Donald Trump, and 2) who is more anti-immigrant.  In... Continue »
2021 is an election year in Virginia with Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General and all 100 seats in the House of Delegates on the ballot. Republicans will pick the nominees for their party’s top offices this weekend at a convention while Democrats will choose theirs through a primary on... Continue »