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In Colorado, Romanoff Launches Spanish-Language Ads Against Mike Coffman

In Colorado, Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) has been making some pretty silly claims about supporting immigration reform, despite what the record shows, and his Democratic challenger is determined to expose the truth — in Spanish. Democrat Andrew Romanoff this week launched two ads (one for TV and one for radio) emphasizing his unwavering support for immigration … Continue reading »

Why is Karl Rove's PAC Citing Heritage Study by Jason Richwine?

Why is a Karl Rove ad citing a Heritage study from the guy who once claimed that Latinos have low IQs? Karl Rove is a noted supporter of immigration reform.  Yet more than once this election season, groups funded by him have attacked Democratic candidates by going after them in decidedly anti-immigrant ways.  In Kentucky, … Continue reading »

WATCH: Latino Decisions on How Latino Voters Can Affect the Midterms

Today on Morning Joe, Matt Barreto and Gary Segura, the principals of Latino Decisions, went on to talk about their new book  How America’s Most Dynamic Population is Poised to Transform the Politics of the Nation.”  Their discussion included a talk on how Latino voters can affect this year’s midterm elections, and how Republicans must act … Continue reading »

WaPo: Scott Brown Missed All Border Hearings While in Senate

Scott Brown has been making immigration and border security into a key issue in his challenge to Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH, despite the fact that New Hampshire has a negligible undocumented immigrant population and the fact that the closest border is Canada’s.  But as a Washington Post piece today from Sean Sullivan reveals, Brown didn’t always used to care … Continue reading »

Rep. Cory Gardner Claims to Support Immigration Reform, When in Reality, He’s Been Standing in the Way

To listen to Paul Ryan and John Boehner, you would think that House Republicans are gearing up to pass immigration reform next year — there are just pesky Democratic obstructionists in the way. Please.  That’s the line that Rep. Cory Gardner (R-CO), the Republican challenger for Mark Udall’s Senate seat in Colorado, is taking as well. He’s becoming a master of re-writing … Continue reading »

Hey Joni Ernst: According to Sen. Grassley, Senate Bill Isn't "Amnesty"

In Iowa, Rep. Bruce Braley (D-IA) and State Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) squared off in their first debate for a key Senate seat yesterday, with Braley calling Ernst out for Congressional Republicans’ refusal to pass an immigration reform bill in the House. Ernst’s response?  “I don’t support amnesty,” she said according to the Washington Times, and added that … Continue reading »

Mike Coffman and the Myth of the “Automatic” Path to Citizenship

CD-06 Congressman Rejects Bipartisan Senate Bill Because a 15-year Wait, Thousands of dollars in Fines, English classes and a Background Check Are Too “Automatic” of a Path  At Tuesday’s Denver Post debate between Rep. Mike Coffman (R, CD-6) and challenger, Andrew Romanoff, Rep. Coffman stated that he did not support the bipartisan Senate immigration bill because … Continue reading »

Kentucky's Alison Grimes Fires Back Against GOP Anti-Immigrant Hypocrisy

Looks like Kentucky’s Alison Grimes has the right idea. In a new ad, Grimes, the Democratic Senate candidate challenging Mitch McConnell, is firing back against a Republican hypocrisy which Steve Benen highlighted here and which Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post called “bizarre.”  See, a pro-McConnell super PAC, the Kentucky Opportunity Coalition, recently released an ad against Grimes accusing … Continue reading »

La Opinión Editorial Calls on Latinos to Vote

Republicans have done nothing for the Latino community, and Democrats have broken their promises to it, which is why some immigration reform advocates have been pushing for a boycott of both parties in this November’s election.  But the way to gain influence and win public policy involves showing power at the ballot box, which is … Continue reading »

New Republic: Why Kris Kobach's Reelection Race in Kansas is a Must-Watch

In the immigration reform world, we know Kris Kobach well.  He was Mitt Romney’s immigration advisor and partly responsible for Romney’s ill-fated espousal of self-deportation.  He was the architect of incredibly anti-immigrant laws like Arizona’s SB 1070 and Alabama’s HB 56, which punitively targeted and terrorized immigrants before they were largely struck down by the Supreme Court. … Continue reading »

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