Since the election of Donald Trump a number of other Republicans have tried to mimic his style of anti-immigrant ugliness to win elected office. But, many of their attempts have failed or backfired, showing repeatedly that — despite Trump’s election — attacking immigrants is not a path to electoral... Continuar »
Corey Stewart wins primary in Virginia and promises a “vicious campaign” Will the GOP’s reliance on divisiveness and xenophobia continue to backfire in general election races? Yesterday’s electoral results confirmed some key dynamics of the 2018 midterm races: As Corey Stewart’s win in Virginia’s GOP Senate primary makes clear,... Continuar »
Tonight, Corey Stewart won the Republican nomination for United States Senate in Virginia. There’s a lot of competition for which candidate will be the most extreme, anti-immigrant nominee running this year, but, given his long, sordid history, Stewart is going to be among the worst. We’ve been following his... Continuar »
A Is For America podcast
The latest episode of our podcast, “A is for America”, features an interview with Jon Rodney and Layla Razavi of the California Immigrant Policy Center, who spoke to us about the California Values Act and what hate groups have done to try and bring down the law in the... Continuar »
In the Washington Post, Plum Line columnist Greg Sargent forecasts the Republican approach to the upcoming elections: Trumpian race-baiting and divisiveness. Sargent suggests that “the GOP embrace of full Trumpism means they’re going to bet it all on this gamble” and that this will produce “a midterm election that... Continuar »
Yesterday’s electoral results confirmed two trends in evidence since Trump’s election in 2016: Energy and enthusiasm remains high for voters who make up the “Coalition of the Decent” and are intent on electing Democrats and checking Trump. Republican attempts to use anti-immigrant fear mongering fails again, this time in... Continuar »
Trump’s TN Rally for Senate Candidate Blackburn Reminder that GOP Midterm Approach is an Ugly Attempt to Stoke Fear and Divide Americans Led by President Trump, the Republican Party has fully embraced an ugly and divisive brand of politics seeking to stoke fear, sow division, and blame immigrants in... Continuar »
A new analysis of House Republican candidates’ midterm TV ads, conducted by Kantar Media and published by USA Today, confirms that ugly anti-immigrant fear mongering and divisiveness is the central thrust of the White House and Republicans’ 2018 political strategy. The USA Today article, “Immigration dominating GOP candidates’ TV... Continuar »
A Is For America podcast
The latest episode of our podcast, “A is for America”, features an interview with our own Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, who spoke with us about immigration politics and the GOP’s hate-filled agenda in 2018. This week, a Border Patrol officer detained two U.S. citizen women heard speaking... Continuar »
Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign with an attack on Mexican immigrants and his anti-immigrant positions have become the centerpiece of his presidency. In 2017, Republican candidates for Governor in New Jersey and Virginia echoed Trump’s messages with a slew of ugly ads. Both lost. But, undaunted, many Republicans... Continuar »