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On Immigration, Biden Regains His Footing

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Frank Sharry: “The Biden administration is back on offense”


President Biden seems to have his immigration mojo back. 

After a flurry of pro-immigrant policymaking in the early days of the Biden administration, the right wing media-driven “Biden border crisis” storyline hit the front pages. The “Biden border crisis” was always overblown and over-hyped, but it did slow the administration down as they focused on processing unaccompanied minors in a safe, humane and orderly way. 

In the last three weeks, however, the administration has made significant progress in managing the arrivals at the southern border, and is back on the front foot on immigration. 

  • TPS has been granted to 150,000 Haitians in America, a huge win in a campaign led by Black immigrant leaders and groups. 
  • DHS announced the closing of two notorious detention centers, including the Irwin, Georgia facility that engaged in unwanted hysterectomies and the forced sterilization of healthy young women. 
  • First Lady Dr. Jill Biden spoke at the virtual commencement ceremony for 1,000 graduates of the TheDream.US, the largest college scholarship provider for Dreamers. 
  • President Biden met with six DACA recipients in the Oval Office and called on Congress to enact legislation to legalize millions. 
  • President Biden lifted the refugee cap to 62,500, as originally promised, after an earlier hesitation caused huge blowback from Democrats and pro-immigrant advocates. 
  • DHS began reuniting families ripped apart by the Trump administration in the United States.
  • The administration cancelled border wall contracts and the diversion of appropriated funds related to the border wall. 
  • Biden revoked a Trump policy – a Stephen Miller special – that required nearly all immigrants to demonstrate private health insurance coverage in order to be admitted – a backdoor maneuver to slash legal immigration levels.

According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice:

The Biden administration is regaining its footing on immigration. It’s a reminder of why elections matter. It revives hope that we will be able to move forward to build a fair, humane and functional immigration system and enact transformative legislation that puts millions on pathways to citizenship.

Of course there is a lot more to do, including lifting Title 42 restrictions, restoring asylum, extending TPS to other nationalities from Africa and Central America, and reforming and reducing our nation’s bloated detention and deportation machinery, in addition to winning citizenship for millions.

The Biden administration is back on offense. Now is the time to put the pedal to the metal.