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“Counter to Everything America Stands For” — Trump Administration Separating Hundreds of Young Children from Their Parents to Deter Refugees

On Friday evening, Caitlin Dickerson of the New York Times reported on disturbing new details of how the Trump Administration separated hundreds of children from their parents as part of an effort to deter those fleeing violence from seeking asylum in the U.S. Confirming the worst fears of advocates and observers, the article reports that “more than 700 children have … Continue reading »

Key Observers: The Trump Administration’s All-Out Assault on Immigrants and Refugees Reaches New Stages of Cruelty

Below, we present a series of assessments from leading experts highlighting elements of how the Trump Administration is going for broke in its efforts to deport immigrants, separate families, and turn its back on basic decency and core American values: Tom Jawetz Univision op-ed, “The Sessions Trap on Immigration” Jawetz, Vice President for Immigration Policy … Continue reading »

ICYMI: MN Family Faces Separation After Trump Liberia DED Decision Last Week

Minneapolis, MN —Jared Goyette penned a moving, in-depth piece about a Minnesota family facing separation after the Trump Administration announced last week it would terminate Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) for thousands of Liberian immigrants currently protected under the program living in the United States. Magdalene Menyongaro, 48, came to the US from Liberia 24 years ago, and lives … Continue reading »

Trump Punishes Children, Families by Targeting Nutrition and Health Care

Donald Trump, as part of his white nationalist agenda, wants to kick immigrants already in the country out and keep future immigrants from coming in. As Reuters originally reported this month, he’s not above punishing children and families to do it, by threatening their ability to stay in the U.S. if they sign up for … Continue reading »

Immigration 101: What is Family Migration (or so-called ‘Chain Migration’)?

The family migration program has  been around since the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 and allows U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents to bring in their immediate relatives to the U.S. This law did away with the racially discriminatory national origins quota system from the 1920s. Through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), U.S. … Continue reading »

Family-Based Immigration – How the System Works, and How Trump Administration Proposals to Gut It Would Undermine American Values

A recording of today’s call is available here On a press call today, policy experts analyzed how the family-based immigration system works, and why the Trump Administration’s attempts to destroy this system violate basic American values. A recording of today’s call is available here. After ending protection for Dreamers, some within the Trump Administration are using the crisis … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Reps. Roybal-Allard, Napolitano, and Jayapal: ‘Harsh Immigration Policies, Deportations Harm Children’

On the heels of May, Mental Health Awareness Month, Representatives Roybal-Allard (D-CA), Napolitano (D-CA), and Jayapal (D-WA) have a new, joint op-ed for The Hill on the psychological trauma generated by Trump’s immigration orders and similar state-based policies, including the Texas “show-me-your-papers” SB4 law. “Harsh U.S. immigration policies are causing mental, social harm to American children” … Continue reading »

Sen. Gillibrand Leads 15 Sens. Asking Sec. Kelly for Info on Children Separated from Deported Parents

For the last few months, Donald Trump has been running a mass deportation agenda that has terrified communities, separated families, and made it clear that all undocumented immigrants in the US are now at risk of deportation. Last week, we published a blog post about four immigrant parents living in different parts of the country, who have … Continue reading »

Major City Mayors Are Prepared To Defy Donald Trump And Protect Undocumented Immigrants

Some of America’s biggest and most populous cities are vowing to remain areas of refuge for undocumented immigrants following the election of Donald Trump. “On top of providing a safe haven for immigrant communities,” writes Yara Simón in Remezcla, “sanctuary cities encourage undocumented people to cooperate with law enforcement in the investigation of crimes without fear … Continue reading »