Stop the distractions, deliver the solutions Last week, the anniversary of DACA and the Senate hearing on the “American Dream and Promise Act of 2021” refocused the immigration debate on citizenship. As Congress reconvenes this week, momentum continues on behalf of the legislative push, as community voices and local mobilizations are offering a reminder why… Continue »

Washington, DC – Hoy, en el noveno aniversario del programa de Acción Diferida para Quienes Llegaron en la Infancia (DACA), el Comité Judicial del Senado llevó a cabo una audiencia sobre H.R. 6, la “Ley de Promesa y Sueño Americano de 2021”. Esta legislación fue aprobada en la Cámara de Representantes en marzo de este… Continue »

Earlier today, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled unanimously that Temporary Protected Status (TPS) does not count as a lawful admission into the U.S. The following is a statement from Douglas Rivlin, Director of Communication for America’s Voice, regarding the decision and its implications: Today’s Supreme Court ruling is undoubtedly a blow for… Continue »

You can listen to a recording of the call here   In Friday “Office Hours,” experts and advocates discussed recent asylum, refugee and immigration policy developments – the end of Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) , the dedicated docket plan by the Biden administration, and the need to end Title 42; the upcoming 9th anniversary of… Continue »

A recording of the call can be found here. Washington, DC – On Friday May 21st, immigrant advocates gathered for an “Office Hours” press conference to wrap up key developments on immigration from the week and to preview what’s coming down the road. Topics discussed included: Biden administration announcement that ICE will not renew contracts… Continue »

During the recent virtual mobilization sponsored by the We Are Home campaign, which has been calling for citizenship for millions of immigrant to be enacted this very year, voices have emerged at all levels echoing the never-ending call so that, this time, the effort is seen through and this long postponed goal is finally realized.… Continue »

Immigration polling from America's Voice.

The American people want solutions, not GOP “border-first” excuses for inaction Washington, DC – New NPR/Ipsos polling on immigration finds that Americans overwhelmingly support pathways to citizenship for millions of Dreamers, TPS holders, as well as farm workers and other undocumented essential workers.  But will these same Americans support citizenship legislation when there are challenges… Continue »

Durante la reciente movilización virtual promovida por la campaña We Are Home, con la que se ha instado a luchar por la ciudadanía para millones de inmigrantes y lograrla este mismo año, han surgido voces en todos los niveles que hacen eco de ese llamado permanente para que, en esta ocasión, sí se llegue hasta… Continue »

On Tuesday May 18, the #WeAreHome Campaign and Immigration Hub organized a virtual “Lobby Day” to support an expanded path to citizenship. The event centered around collective demands for Dreamers, TPS holders, essential workers, and more. This Lobby Day was an opportunity for various organizers to educate members of Congress on immigration issues but also… Continue »

“All options are on the table”   Yesterday, the We Are Home campaign held a virtual fly-in event that featured hundreds of impacted individuals, DACA recipients, TPS and DED holders, farm workers, essential workers and their allies. They made the case to lawmakers in more than 90 direct member and staff visits about why this… Continue »