A recording of the call can be found here. Washington, DC — On a press call today, immigrant advocates gave their take on the state of play regarding the movement’s drive to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants in Congress this year.  Lorella Praeli, Co-President, Community Change Action, said, “From... Continuar »
Por segunda ocasión, la asesora legal del Senado (Parlamentaria) rechazó el llamado Plan B de los demócratas para tratar de legalizar a millones de indocumentados. De la decisión se desprende que no dará luz verde a ningún lenguaje que suponga el otorgamiento de tarjetas de residencia a la población... Continuar »
Immigration polling from America's Voice.
Frank Sharry: “Whether through or around the parliamentarian, Democrats need to keep their promise to deliver on citizenship.” Washington, DC – New bipartisan battleground state and district polling finds overwhelming support for delivering a pathway to citizenship in the budget reconciliation process. The polling was conducted for the American... Continuar »
The President and his White House team are out today with strong statements in support of enacting legislation with new pathways to citizenship.  White House Council of Economic Advisors, “The Economic Benefits of Extending Permanent Legal Status to Unauthorized Immigrants.”  Granting permanent legal status would … likely raise tax... Continuar »
Washington, DC – Yesterday the House Judiciary Committee moved forward legislation to grant legal permanent resident status – a stepping stone to citizenship – to Dreamers, TPS holders, farm workers and other essential workers.  Immigrant populations are an ever more important part of the economic and community fabric of... Continuar »
This afternoon, the Senate parliamentarian will hear arguments from  Democratic and Republican Senate staffers on the immigration provisions in the budget agreement. Yet many politicians and Beltway pundits predict that the immigration provisions will not make it into the final package. Below are reasons why we are confident that... Continuar »
Washington, DC – News broke yesterday that the Senate parliamentarian will hear arguments this Friday on the immigration provisions in the budget agreement. In advance, leading economists and experts are making it clear that the immigration provisions provide a direct economic impact; would offer a fiscal and economic boon;... Continuar »
New polling from Data for Progress finds that the green card/citizenship proposals of Democrats’ budget package are overwhelmingly popular and supported across party lines, with intensity strongly favoring the pro-immigrant respondents. The question asked: “Do you support or oppose legislation that would create an earned path to citizenship for... Continuar »
Democrats will be judged on their ability to take action and deliver on citizenship for millions   With Congress ready to gear up for a busy post-Labor Day stretch, leading voices are expressing optimism and making clear why this is the year for a legislative breakthrough to deliver green... Continuar »
Douglas Rivlin: “Los demócratas serán juzgados por los resultados obtenidos y las promesas cumplidas. Y hoy dieron otro paso hacia el cumplimiento de los compromisos con el pueblo estadounidense” Washington, DC – La Cámara de Representantes aprobó hoy un marco presupuestario que incluiría nuevas vías para la ciudadanía de... Continuar »