In Arizona, ads will target Jeff Flake and Joe Arpaio.  In California, ads will target Brian Bilbray Continue »
New Latino vote polling from Arizona, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, Nevada, and Virginia. View the full polling results, and watch video of our panel discussions here. Continue »
By Latino Decisions and Latino Vote Matters: ImpreMedia & Latino Decisions released the latest in a series of tracking polls today revealing support for President Obama slipped from 72% last week to 67% this week, suggesting that his debate performance also led some Latino voters to re-evaluate the President.... Continue »
Cross-Posted at Latino Decisions and Latino Vote Matters —  This week’s impreMedia-Latino Decisions tracking poll found slight gains for presidential candidate Mitt Romney in battleground states with 33% certain to or thinking about voting for him. However, the over national polling data shows the strongest week to date for... Continue »
In June, Representative Steve King (R-IA)–one of the most anti-immigrant members of Congress–sent out a fundraising appeal to his list of supporters, declaring his plans to sue the President of the United States.  The extremist Rep. King disagreed with the President’s plan to offer immigrant youth temporary relief from... Continue »
As we reported, yesterday a U.S. District judge lifted an injunction against the “show me your papers” provision of Arizona’s SB 1070 anti-immigrant law, allowing this draconian provision to go into effect.  Many agree that the implementation of this provision will involve rampant racial profiling of Latinos in Arizona. No doubt,... Continue »
It looks like Rep. Steve King (R-IA) is in the fight of his political life. After five terms and a decade of being handily reelected to Congress, Steve King has been redistricted into Iowa’s new fourth Congressional district, where he is being challenged by the state’s former first lady,... Continue »
Maribel Hastings is a Senior Advisor at America’s Voice: CHARLOTTE, North Carolina—In close elections like this one, the Latino vote can be decisive not just in traditionally Hispanic-heavy states, but in other states where a few thousand votes can tip the balance and determine whether there’s a change of... Continue »
Editor’s Note: Our colleagues, Maribel Hastings and Pili Tobar, were in Charlotte and provided updates from the convention. They’ll be covering a wide range of events hosted by various groups, including NALEO and Voto Latino. Also, during the convention, America’s Voice’s Executive Director, Frank Sharry, was on a panel hosted by the... Continue »
Washington, DC – At the Republican National Convention, leaders in the party have taken a curious approach to Latino outreach: avoiding the issue of immigration; refusing to disavow hard-line immigration positions; lecturing Latino voters; blaming Democrats for the GOP’s self-inflicted problems with Latinos; and making embarrassingly transparent overtures to... Continue »