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Rep. Steve King Decides Triumph Can Wait and Postpones Plans to Sue President Over DREAMer Relief

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In June, Representative Steve King (R-IA)–one of the most anti-immigrant members of Congress–sent out a fundraising appeal to his list of supporters, declaring his plans to sue the President of the United States.  The extremist Rep. King disagreed with the President’s plan to offer immigrant youth temporary relief from deportation, and believed a lawsuit was the only way to stop him.

“You read that correctly,” he writes. “If President Obama signs the executive order, circumvents Congress, exceeds his constitutional authority, and refuses to enforce immigration laws in the process, I will take him to court on behalf of the American people…and I intend to win.”

Well, it seems that triumph can wait. From the ACLU today:

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) said this week that he will delay his planned lawsuit against the Obama administration for its June announcement that it would stop deporting younger illegal immigrants and instead offer them work permits.

King said in mid-June that he would sue the administration in a matter of weeks for selectively enforcing U.S. law to avoid deporting young illegal immigrants. He later pushed back his suit until around Labor Day.

But in an interview with the Sioux City Journal, he said his suit would now be filed after the November election.

“We are close to the election. It would be viewed as a political initiative anyway,” King told the paper.

Rep. King is up for reelection in Iowa this fall, and things aren’t looking too great for him. But that’s par for the course for someone who frequently compared immigrants to animals, sponsored legislation that designates English as the national language, and thinks that multicultural groups are “people that feel sorry for themselves”. Not to mention, if Steve King wants to speak on behalf of the American people, maybe he should check out these polls on how the majority of Americans SUPPORT Obama’s deferred action policy for DREAMers.

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