If Marco Rubio is still pondering his next move after his Senate term ends next year, we hear a position as a weather vane might available. This same man who once called Donald Trump a “con artist,” a “lunatic,” and “wholly unprepared to be President” has apparently pulled an... Continue »
David Leopold: “There’s something happening in Texas that is a threat to justice — and it’s being perpetrated by a Federal District Court Judge.” Last week, Federal Judge Andrew Hanen issued a bizarre orderin the immigration case currently being considered by the Supreme Court.  As if ordering the personal contact information of... Continue »
English (en español al final de la página): Washington Times: DHS admits it’s still violating judge’s order on immigration amnesty By Stephen Dinan Colorlines: Children of Immigrants Share Their ‘American Story’ in New PSAs By Sammer Rao New York Times: Boos for Univision Anchor Who Spoke Spanish and Criticized... Continue »
Que Pasa Mi Gente: “The capture of the mother and the two children is the first confirmed detention as part of the raids against Central American mothers with children” In January, the Obama Administration began targeting recently arrived Central American teenagers for deportation. Despite an outcry from the community... Continue »
Frank Sharry: “Donald Trump’s campaign is not only promising a return to the good old days that never were, but is banking on an electorate that no longer exists” Washington, DC – In an interview with Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman, Donald Trump campaign chairman and chief strategist Paul Manafort makes... Continue »
Donald Trump was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Because of that, The Weeknd and Belly canceled: R&B singer The Weeknd and rapper Belly have canceled their performance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” because Donald Trump was set to appear on the episode. The Oscar-nominated musicians were slated to record... Continue »
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English (en español al final de la página): Wall Street Journal: Hispanic Support Eludes Donald Trump By Beth Reinhard May 25, 2016 Reuters: Eight protesters arrested at Trump rally in California By Emily Stephenson and Steve Gorman May 25, 2016 Reuters: Police warn ‘swift’ action against anti-Trump protesters By... Continue »
A public service announcement campaign designed to encourage Cincinnati residents to support common-sense immigration policies will begin airing this week on local radio stations WKRQ-FM, WREW-FM, WUBE-FM, and WYGY-FM.  Commissioned by Bustos Media, LLC, and Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc., and created by the bipartisan children’s advocacy group First Focus, the My American Story PSA campaign shines... Continue »
Following a Reuters report and confirmation from agency sources that the Obama Administration plans to continue raids targeting families and unaccompanied children from Central America, Elise Foley’s new piece at Huffington Post dives into the issue, highlighting one community disproportionately affected by ramped up immigration enforcement actions—Atlanta, Georgia. By exploring the record high detention and... Continue »
Los nacionalistas blancos y los activistas antiinmigrantes están promoviendo al secretario de estado de Kansas, Kris Kobach, como una posible opción vicepresidencial para el presunto nominado republicano Donald Trump, según MSNBC. Kobach es el creador de la SB1070 de Arizona, la ley antilatina y antiinmigrante de “muéstrame tus documentos”, así... Continue »