Charles Bethea for the New Yorker reports on the small town of Morton, Mississippi, transformed by its large Latino immigrant community and the place of “the largest single-state immigration enforcement operation in our nation’s history.” Bethea details the rise of the Mississippi poultry plants, where immigrants flocked from Central... Continue »
Employers Break the Law; Workers Pay the Price. In a heart-wrenching story from Mississippi, a joint investigative piece between the (Jackson, MS) Clarion Ledger and USA Today recounts the backstory behind the recent massive immigration raids in Mississippi, telling how thousands of undocumented immigrants found a home in Mississippi’s... Continue »
“Every morning, 9-month-old Elizabeth wakes up and reaches across the bed to breastfeed, but her mother isn’t there.” USA Today’s Alan Gomez, Alissa Zhu, Giacomo Bologna and Rebecca Morin detail the enduring and heartbreaking consequences of the Mississippi family separation immigration raid earlier this month.  According to Douglas Rivlin,... Continue »
“Edna Perez, 14, clutches a white stuffed teddy bear that says ‘Jesus Loves Me’ as she thinks about the last time she heard her dad’s voice” Days after a series of raids in Mississippi, resulting in the arrests of 680 immigrant workers, traumatized communities are attempting to pick up... Continue »
Yesterday,  ICE conducted a massive worksite raid at seven locations in six cities in Mississippi, leading to the arrest of 680 immigrants and the largest single-state worksite enforcement action in our nation’s history. During the raids, family members and supporters surrounded the buses that had been organized to take... Continue »
The following is a statement from Pili Tobar, Deputy Director of America’s Voice, regarding today’s inhumane Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid in Mississippi: Today, as Donald Trump traveled to do a photo op and give lip service to the communities affected by mass terror in Dayton and El... Continue »
Immigrants Across America Are Already Terrorized by Fears of Rampant Family Separations Designed to Burnish Trump’s Reelection Chances In advance of President Trump’s official 2020 campaign kickoff rally last night, Trump tweeted about impending ICE immigration raids next week that would target “millions of illegal aliens” across America. As... Continue »
LINK to NBC News coverage here Yesterday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement conducted a workplace raid at an electronic repair factory in Allen, Texas, outside Dallas. The operation at the Texas business, CVE Technology Group Inc, reportedly picked up more than 280 people, all of whom now face the possibility... Continue »
anti-immigrant militias detain immigrants
Originally published July 9, 2018; updated September 9, 2018 Since the Trump Administration began, Donald Trump has implemented policies keeping would-be immigrants out of the U.S. and kicking the ones already here out. One way he has accomplished the latter is through raids — workplace and location-based raids that... Continue »
Texas Tribune: those released on bond remain unsure of their future Austin, TX –   A week after an Immigration and Customs Enforcement workplace raid in North Texas detained more than 150 immigrants, nearly a third still remain in ICE custody while those released are now left to pick up... Continue »