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After Calling Him “Wholly Unprepared To Be President,” Rubio Throws His Support Behind Trump

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If Marco Rubio is still pondering his next move after his Senate term ends next year, we hear a position as a weather vane might available.

This same man who once called Donald Trump a “con artist,” a “lunatic,” and “wholly unprepared to be President” has apparently pulled an about-face and has thrown his weight behind the presumptive nominee.

“I want to be helpful. I don’t want to be harmful, because I don’t want Hillary Clinton to be president,” Rubio told CNN’s Jake Tapper earlier this week.

Rubio plans to attend the Republican convention this summer and will release his delegates to go with Trump. When asked about a possible speaking role for himself at the convention, Rubio said he’d “most certainly be honored to be considered for that.”

It wasn’t that long ago when this former “Republican Savior” condemned Trump’s disgusting proclivity towards violence, saying that “this is a man who in rallies has told his supporters to basically beat up the people who are in the crowd and he’ll pay their legal fees.”

Now an “honored” Rubio is all set to rally onstage with this madman, and give him his delegates and his vote too. You gotta wonder who the real con artist is now.

“For all of Rubio’s high-minded talk…it seems that when push comes to shove, he doesn’t have the courage to stand up for his stated convictions,” noted journalist Phil Klein.

Before he ditched his own comprehensive immigration bill in his futile attempt to win over immigration hardliners and the Republican nomination for President, Rubio repeatedly touted a voicemail from his immigrant mother, where she pleaded with him in Spanish to “not mess with the immigrants” and to protect “los pobrecitos” — the “poor little ones.”

Now a man who once helped co-author a path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants is all set to vote for a man who will deport them all build a great wall to keep them from their families.

Klein continues:

That is, far from being an inspirational moral leader, Rubio has shown himself to be more of an opportunistic politician with his finger to the wind. He latched on to the Tea Party energy when he needed it to launch a long-shot Senate bid against an establishment figure in 2010.

He embraced the idea of comprehensive immigration reform in 2013 in the wake of a GOP “autopsy” suggesting it was necessary to win in a changing electorate, but then downplayed it as it became a hindrance to his presidential campaign.

Now he’s desperate to reconcile his past words about Trump — from just over two months ago — with his political need to fall in line behind his party’s nominee.

For all of Rubio’s rhetoric about responsible leadership, he’s now willing to embrace a demagogue just because that demagogue has an ‘R’ next to his name.

Trump, for all his faults, has managed to expose Rubio’s true character — and it is not pretty.

In response to stinging criticism from the left and right, Rubio couldn’t even bring himself to mention by name the candidate he’s voting for in November:

That’s typical of Rubio — we’d be ashamed too.