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An Army of Volunteers and Activists Register Voters in Nevada

Please note the following column was translated from Spanish to English and is available for reprint as long as the author is given proper credit. The column is available online in Spanish here.  If the presidential candidacy of Republican nominee Donald Trump has generated anything, it’s more than the anger of Latino voters due to his constant insults. The … Continue reading »

In Nevada, Thousands Of Voter Registration Forms Are Pouring In Weekly

In the battleground state of Nevada, thousands of voter registration forms are pouring in on a weekly basis from those seeking to vote in time for the 2016 election. From News 3 Las Vegas: “Since the last week of June, we’ve been averaging six or seven thousand registrations weekly for my staff, which is considerable,” … Continue reading »

Ejército de voluntarios y activistas registra votantes en Nevada

Si algo ha generado la candidatura presidencial del republicano Donald Trump no es sólo la ira del votante latino por sus constantes insultos. También ha provocado la cohesión de organizaciones comunitarias que están mostrando un frente unido para educar a los votantes y a los que no se han registrado y todavía pueden hacerlo, sobre … Continue reading »

Across the Nation, Hundreds of Latino Voters, Families and Allies Gathered for Swing State Debate Watch Parties

Last night, community leaders, immigrant families, and allies gathered throughout battleground states to watch the first of three Presidential debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. In an election cycle dominated by racist rhetoric and bigotry, the two candidates have offered the starkest contrast on immigration in recent history – one of inclusion and one of division – and … Continue reading »

Latinos en Nevada quieren “darle en la torre” a Trump

Pasado el llamado Debate del Siglo entre los contendientes a la presidencia, la demócrata Hillary Clinton y el republicano Donald Trump, a los hispanos de esta ciudad, votantes y los que no, no les interesa quién salió o no reforzado del careo, pues su meta central es una sola: impedir a toda costa que Trump … Continue reading »

Nevada Congressional Candidates Sen. Ruben Kihuen and Jacky Rosen Break Bread With DAPA Families

On Friday, mixed-status immigrant families and Nevada Congressional candidates Sen. Ruben Kihuen and Jacky Rosen broke bread in Las Vegas and discussed the issue that has become a main focus of the 2016 election: immigration. The two families — along with 48,000 other immigrant families in the state of Nevada — suffered a tremendous blow following … Continue reading »

This Is America: See The 800 Nevadans Sworn In As US Citizens

Some 800 immigrants from 64 countries from around the world were sworn in as United States citizens during a naturalization ceremony in Nevada yesterday. Today at Cashman Field, 850 neighbors will become U.S. citizens! @PLANevada @Culinary226 @npnewamericans @USCIS 💜🇺🇸 — Astrid Silva (@Astrid_NV) September 22, 2016 Doña Maria went through our cit fair & … Continue reading »

What’s at Stake this November: Whether DREAMers in America are Protected or Deported

Two of the 750,000 Targeted by Trump and GOP for Deportation Tell Their Story Donald Trump consistently promises that on Day One of his presidency he will immediately end President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program for DREAMers. Trump’s election poses a real threat to a real program that is a real benefit … Continue reading »

Anti-Immigrant Man Defaces Poster At Latino Voter Mobilization Event In Las Vegas

An anti-immigrant man made sexually-explicit remarks, yelled racial slurs, and defaced a poster at a Latino voter mobilization event in Las Vegas last Friday. The event was hosted by organizers from groups including Latino Victory Project, PLAN Action, and America’s Voice, and endorsed no political candidate for office. The event — part of the #CuentaConmigo … Continue reading »

New Battleground State Latino Polling: Trump on Track for Historically Low Performance, But Senate Democratic Candidates Missing Opportunity to Define Themselves on Immigration

Newly released statewide polling of Latino voters in the 2016 battleground states of Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia finds that Donald Trump is on track for an historically low performance among Latino voters. However, the polls also reveal that Senate Democratic candidates in these states have failed to define themselves and their opponents on key immigration policy questions, and that those … Continue reading »