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In AZ, FL, NV, and Even TX, Mounting Evidence that the GOP’s Embrace of Trump and Nativism Is Accelerating Latino Political Engagement

Washington, DC – Yesterday, we highlighted media reports demonstrating how the hard work of GOTV and canvassing operations was combining with pro-immigrant and anti-Trump/anti-GOP sentiment to bolster pro-Democratic candidates and early voting efforts in key Latino-heavy 2016 states. Today, we have a new round of examples in Arizona, Florida, Nevada, and even Texas that reinforce … Continue reading »

Pro-Immigrant Energy Driving Early Voting in Nevada

Jon Ralston: “Dems Have 21,000-Vote Advantage in Urban Nevada after Blowout Weekend” 2016 GOTV canvassing operations, pro-immigrant energy and enthusiasm, and anti-Trump sentiments are helping to bolster candidates who support immigrant issues in key Latino-heavy states, including Nevada. After only two days of early voting, Nevadan Democrats have nearly a 21,000-vote advantage. Since June, the Immigrant … Continue reading »

Pro-Immigrant Energy Driving Early Voting in Latino-Heavy Battleground States

2016 GOTV and canvassing operations, pro-immigrant energy and enthusiasm, and anti-Trump and anti-Republican sentiments are helping to bolster Democratic candidates in key Latino-heavy states such as Nevada, Arizona, Florida, and Virginia. “There’s a lot of skepticism about voter enthusiasm this year, but voters who are part of the pro-immigrant movement are shaping up to be … Continue reading »

National, Nevada, and Arizona Latino and Immigrant Community Leaders Discuss State of 2016 Races, Up and Down the Ballot

A Recording of Today’s Call is Available Here Today, national and state-based leaders joined a press call to discuss immigration, Latino voters, and the state of hot races nationally and in Arizona and Nevada. New battleground state polling by Latino Decisions, commissioned by NALEO Education Fund, shows that Latino voters are poised to vote against Trump … Continue reading »

Nevada Latinos Give Donald Trump A Big, Beautiful Wall Of Tacos

Donald Trump wants a “big, beautiful” wall, so Latinos gave him one. Members of the influential Culinary Union 226 and over a dozen other groups parked a wall of taco and food trucks outside the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas yesterday, in protest of the candidate’s anti-immigrant, anti-Latino and anti-union rhetoric and stances. Just … Continue reading »

ICYMI: USA Today Story Highlights that Nevada Latinos are Energized, Set to Play Pivotal Role

A new story in USA Today examines the critical role Nevada’s Latino voters will play in this election, finding that the combination of the nativism of Donald Trump, the presence of pro-immigrant Latina Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto, and the hard work of groups, organizers and activists on the ground is helping to energize this pivotal electorate with … Continue reading »

Meet The Trump Hotel Workers Who Will Not Be Voting For Their Boss

As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump meet for the final Presidential debate in Las Vegas tonight, CNN profiles Trump International Hotel employees who will not be voting for their boss. Among them are several Latina guest room attendants who, citing his record of anti-immigrant and anti-Latino rhetoric, will be casting their ballots for Clinton instead. … Continue reading »

Taco Trucks Take Over Las Vegas for Voter Registration

Hungry? Needed to register to vote in Nevada? These folks had it covered. On the last day of voter registration in the state yesterday — and a day before the final Presidential debate in Las Vegas — local groups lined up a caravan of 35 taco trucks and dozens of volunteers to register (and feed!) Latinos, … Continue reading »

Donald Trump Anchors Down Republican Candidates During Nevada And Florida Senate Debates

During US Senate debates in Nevada and Florida this week, Republican candidates scrambled to hide their trumped-up records on immigration and support for their party’s nominee for President, Donald Trump. In Nevada, former State Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto went “on the offensive over Republican [Joe] Heck’s prior support of Trump,” according to the AP, … Continue reading »

New America’s Voice Ad Mobilizes Nevada Latinos to Vote for DACA and DREAMers

Spanish Language Radio Ad Highlights Rep. Joe Heck’s Votes and Support for Donald Trump’s Pledge to End DACA Program America’s Voice is launching a new Spanish language radio ad buy in Nevada, narrated by Nevada DREAMer Mara Vazquez, encouraging members of Nevada’s Latino community to get out and vote to protect the DACA program for … Continue reading »