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Nevada Dreamer Astrid Silva to Headline Democratic National Convention

Speaker Lineup Showcases Diverse, Unified Party Following a Republican National Convention that is sure to further outline Donald Trump’s divisive and dangerous vision for America, the newly released speaker lineup for the Democratic National Convention, promises to strike a markedly different tone. On the first night, themed “United Together”, Nevada DREAMer and Organizing Director of … Continue reading »

New Report From America’s Voice Highlights Power of Latino Vote in CO, FL, NV

Ahead of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, a new report from America’s Voice outlines the power and importance of the Latino vote in the key states of Colorado, Florida, and Nevada. The report follows new nationwide polling of Latino voters, conducted by Latino Decisions and commissioned by America’s Voice, which underscores that Donald Trump is on … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Nevada Partners Launch “Immigrant Voters Win” Campaign

Yesterday, leading Nevada organizations gathered to announce a historic, multi-million dollar, immigration-based electoral campaign designed to flex the muscle and power of the pro-immigrant vote. The Culinary Union Local 226, PLAN Action, Center for Community Change Action, Latino Victory Project, Nevada’s Voice, and immigrant voters gathered to discuss the collaboration that will reach out to more than … Continue reading »

Nevada Groups And Advocates Launch “Immigrant Voters Win” Campaign To Mobilize Latino Voters

Earlier today in Nevada, immigrant leaders and members of Culinary Union 226, PLAN Action, CCC Action, Latino Victory Project, and Nevada’s Voice gathered to discuss “Immigrant Voters Win”, a new multi-million dollar campaign to flex the muscle and power of the Latino and pro-immigrant vote. Among the speakers was Estefani, who will be a first-time voter … Continue reading »

Unlike Rep. Hardy, Nevada Latino Voters Won’t Support Trump’s America

Last week, Donald Trump met with congressional Republicans, including Representative Crescent Hardy (R-NV). According to the Wall Street Journal, Rep. Hardy was supposedly “satisfied” with Donald Trump’s answers about how Trump’s candidacy and views would register in Rep. Hardy’s NV-04 congressional district, where nearly 30% of the population is Hispanic, and in Nevada as a whole. In contrast … Continue reading »

We’re Inviting Nevada Candidates To Join A DAPA Or DACA+ Eligible Family For Dinner

On behalf of Nevada’s Voice, we’re inviting Nevada candidates to join a DAPA or DACA+ eligible family for dinner. Last month, Nevada families suffered a tremendous blow by the Supreme Court tie in theUnited States v. Texas lawsuit.The future of48,000 Nevada familieseligible for DAPA are on hold, however the fight continues. Regardless of your position … Continue reading »

“I Couldn’t Be A Bystander”: Emmy-Winning Latina Journalist On Why She Left A Career In News To Take On Trump

For Emmy-winning journalist Viridiana Vidal, the thought of her US citizen daughter being seen as less of an American because of her Mexican heritage was just too much. For years, Vidal had already been reporting on deportations and abuses faced by immigrants, and as journalist and a professional, she “wasn’t allowed to get involved or … Continue reading »

Did Nevada AG Adam Laxalt Really Hide In His Office From Immigrant Families Last Week?

While Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt apparently didn’t have a couple minutes to spare for the immigrant families he’s putting at risk of deportation, he did have time for lights, cameras and press. It all started when immigrant families and PLAN advocates tried to meet with Laxalt in the wake of the Supreme Court’s tie … Continue reading »

Nevada Organizations React to SCOTUS Decision

Nevada Will Not Stop Until Our Families Can Live Without Fear of Deportation Today, Nevada is hurting.  In our state alone, 66,000 families  would benefit from the DAPA and DACA+ programs. This morning, the Supreme Court released a tie decision in the United States v Texas case. While this split decision sets no Supreme Court precedent, these important, commonsense … Continue reading »

Gov. Brian Sandoval Still Won’t Fully Revoke His Support of Trump, While Rep. Joe Heck Twists Himself Into Contortions to Justify Continued Support of Donald Trump

On Tuesday, Gov. Brian Sandoval was asked to respond to Trump’s recent attacks on Judge Curiel. By now, everyone knows where Donald Trump stands, and his anti-Latino comments have been condemned widely across the country as the textbook definition of racism. However, instead of rescinding his support to Trump’s candidacy for President, Gov. Sandoval continues to … Continue reading »