Earlier today, Nevada DREAMer Astrid Silva appeared on José Diaz-Balart’s “The Rundown” to discuss her immigration roundtable with 2016 Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. Silva was one of the six immigrant activists — all of whom are either DACA recipients or have relatives who are undocumented — who shared their personal family stories with Clinton. During… Continue »

The Nevada State Senate recently passed an unanimous resolution calling on Congress to work towards the passage of comprehensive immigration reform. As reported by the Reno Gazette-Journal, the resolution is non-binding document and is headed to the Nevada General Assembly for review: The measure seeks changes that would implement a guest worker program and create… Continue »

Adam Laxalt is Nevada’s new Republican Attorney General and responsible for adding Nevada to the 26 states’ lawsuit against executive action that received its first ruling this week.  Laxalt has been praised by conservatives for this move, even though he represents a state that is 27% Latino. Apparently, Laxalt isn’t much for explaining his actions.  He… Continue »

Cross-posted from Latino Decisions: Is it possible for a politician to be too successful at the ballot box? This appears to be the case with Nevada’s Republican Governor Brian Sandoval. Thanks to a favorable political environment, low turnout among many traditional Democratic constituencies, and the inability of Nevada Democrats to recruit a serious challenger, Sandoval… Continue »

Nevada has become the 26th state to sign onto the states’ lawsuit against President Obama’s executive action, leaving Gov. Brian Sandoval (R-NV) in a bit of a tough spot. Technically, it’s Nevada’s Attorney General Adam Laxalt who signed the state onto the lawsuit.  But Sandoval is a Latino governor leading a state with one of the largest Latino… Continue »

Today, Matt Barreto and Gary Segura, the founders of Latino Decisions, talked to Jose Diaz-Balart about the Latino vote in key races around the country: Tomorrow, America’s Voice and several of our allies will release an election-eve poll of nearly 5,000 Latino voters nationwide and in ten battleground states, conducted by Latino Decisions. The poll… Continue »

So Rep. Joe Heck’s campaign account tweeted this yesterday, painting himself as an anti-immigrant hardliner and linking to a fundraising page: Joe Heck will not be bullied into amnesty by @erinbilbray & #OccupyCIR#NV03#CIR#TimeIsNowhttp://t.co/b9Y3RvlOz3 — Dr. Joe Heck (@Heck4Nevada) June 4, 2014 It’s an odd choice of words.  The tweet came in response to a number of… Continue »

The #DemandAVote discharge petition has 190 signed-on but missing Rep. Heck and other key GOP leaders who say they support a path to citizenship Henderson, NV – In the last few months, Speaker John Boehner and the Republican leadership have done everything they can to block immigration reform. But with the introduction of last week’s… Continue »

Republicans in the House of Representatives seem to be planning to ignore immigration reform this Congress, to the detriment of the country, Nevada, and their own political interests. Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) and his fellow Republicans have offered weak excuses for their inaction, despite the fact that the votes exist to pass… Continue »

Earlier this week we wrote about a Las Vegas town hall meeting held by Reps. Steven Horsford (D-NV), Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), and Ruben Hinojosa (D-TX) in which Rep. Horsford called on Obama to stop the deportations of those who qualify for legislative immigration reform. For one family, that town hall came to be especially significant.… Continue »