The issue of immigration reform is likely to be discussed in tonight’s debate between Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) and Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle. In a close race like this, Latino voters are poised to play a pivotal role in deciding the eventual outcome.

In Nevada’s race for U.S. Senate, Hispanic voters are being courted and condemned simultaneously.

The language in this mailer is similar to an ad Angle released last month, also calling Reid the “best friend an illegal alien ever had.” The ad featured menacing men with flashlights walking along a chain-link fence beside images of innocent-looking families and working people. “Illegals sneaking across our border, putting Americans’ safety and jobs at risk,” the ad’s narrator intoned.

The U.S. Senate race between Nevada’s Democratic Sen. Harry Reid and Republican Sharron Angle, one of the fiercest battles in the country, could hinge on the candidates’ opposing bets on the Hispanic vote.

In Nevada, Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle has released one of the most offensive television ads of the 2010 election cycle. With only four weeks to Nov. 2, that’s saying a lot. The controversial ad uses immigration as a wedge issue, attacking Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) for his support of federal immigration reform legislation, including (one assumes) the DREAM Act.

From August 6-14, 2008, Bendixen  & Associates conducted a poll for NDN of 500 voters in each of four states: Florida, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada. The margin of error for each state sample is +/-4%. The poll was conducted in English and Spanish and included an oversampling of at least 150 Hispanic voters in… Continue »