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Rep. Diana DeGette, Local Officials and Latino Leaders Denounce Republican Attacks on Obama Immigration Action

Leaders and Impacted Families Highlight Benefits of New Policy, Vow to Defend it from Legislative and Legal Attacks As Republicans voted this week to overturn President Obama’s executive action on immigration, end DACA for DREAMers, and maximize deportations of immigrant families, leaders and elected officials in Colorado held a press conference to highlight the benefits … Continue reading »

Rep. Mike Coffman and House Republicans Vote to End Executive Action on Immigration

Today, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed a DHS funding bill, which included a collection of the harshest anti-immigrant amendments seen in years. The bill would not only overturn the sensible executive actions from last November, but also end the DACA program for DREAMers and maximize the deportation of all 11 million undocumented immigrants settled in … Continue reading »

As House Republicans Gear Up to Vote on New Deportation Bill, Colorado Groups Call on Senator-Elect Gardner to Vote ‘No’

If House Has Time for Show Vote on Subjecting Immigrants to Deportation, They Can Vote on Bipartisan Bill That Would Undo Obama Action and Provide Permanent Solution After two years of failing to take up any attempt at meaningful immigration reform in the House, now Republicans have announced that in response to President Obama’s executive … Continue reading »

ColoradoPols: Gardner’s Immigration Tap Dance Continues As Senator-Elect

On immigration, there are three types of comments right now coming from Republicans: Empty rhetoric about how the GOP might pass an immigration reform bill next year, because the party must show people that it can govern Reluctance to submit a proposal, or commit to passing anything, because Republicans claim that they can’t trust Obama … Continue reading »

Barreto and Segura Talk Latino Vote in Key Races with Jose Diaz-Balart (VIDEO)

Today, Matt Barreto and Gary Segura, the founders of Latino Decisions, talked to Jose Diaz-Balart about the Latino vote in key races around the country: Tomorrow, America’s Voice and several of our allies will release an election-eve poll of nearly 5,000 Latino voters nationwide and in ten battleground states, conducted by Latino Decisions. The poll … Continue reading »

Latino Decisions' Barreto and Schaller on Whether Polls Are Capturing Colorado's Latino

Matt Barreto and Tom Schaller, in a post originally published at Politico Magazine and the Latino Decisions blog, ask “Is it possible that Colorado’s Cory Gardner is shaping up to be this election cycle’s Sharron Angle?” Their post is worth a read for anyone interested in how pollsters continually fail “to keep up with demographic … Continue reading »

Romanoff and Coffman Debated In Spanish on Univision. This Was Tom Tancredo's Congressional District

Last night’s Univision debate between Andrew Romanoff and Rep. Mike Coffman was groundbreaking and surreal. Only a few years ago, this congressional district was represented by Tom Tancredo. It is a stunning example of what Gary Segura of Latino Decisions likes to say… “demography is relentless.” In addition to symbolizing the growing importance of Latino … Continue reading »

DailyKos Looks at Real Numbers for Latino Voters – Not the Bogus Data

Excellent post from dreaminonempty at DailyKos about Latino voters titled: Most of the data on Latino voters is bogus. Here are the real poll numbers. And, as you’ll see, the post does a deep dive into poll numbers in key states, using data collected by Latino Decisions: Recently, there was a story claiming Republican candidates were … Continue reading »