On May 11, Republicans passed H.R. 2, which opponents labeled  the Child Deportation Act. Just two Republicans joined every Democrat who voted in opposing the legislation. Republican House members in tough battleground districts and those who hold themselves out as so-called sensible moderates on the issue delivered critical support... Continue »
A recording of today’s call is available here On a press call this afternoon hosted by America’s Voice and Immigrant Voters Win PAC, community leaders and canvassers discussed voting numbers from the ground in Florida, Nevada, and Colorado. Just a week before Election Day, speakers provided insight into what they are hearing at... Continue »
Will Latinos turn out and vote against Trump and for Democrats by record margins? By a number of measures, Latino voters across the country are engaged and enthusiastic about voting in 2016. Adrian Pantoja of Latino Decisions has this to say in a new analysis titled, “The Trump Effect and... Continue »
Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto joined Nevada families for a Halloween-themed GOTV effort in Las Vegas yesterday, with attendees eager to remind candidates that there is “no hope without the Latino vote.” And, families are certainly already making their voices heard. According to political guru Jon Ralston, half a... Continue »
With Election Day a little more than a week away and early voting in full swing in a number of states, there are encouraging signs Latino voters are mobilized and set on making their voices heard this November. According to a must-read piece from Fusion, “The Latino ‘sleeping giant’ is... Continue »
As we noted yesterday, a report has noted that while the number of eligible Latino voters is 40 percent higher in 2016 than in 2008, our voting muscle remains undermobilized. However, more and more evidence is showing that Latinos are becoming energized thanks to help from the unlikeliest of... Continue »
As Donald Trump continues to lead in North Carolina, his anti-immigrant rhetoric has inspired state lawmakers to go after the state’s immigrant population. Bill HB 318, which cleared the North Carolina General Assembly late last night, serves only one purpose — to make life a lot harder for undocumented... Continue »
The NALEO Educational Fund poll was based on a bilingual telephone survey of 1,600 Latino voters in Colorado, Florida, New Mexico and Nevada, conducted Aug. 18 through Sept. 10, 2008. According to the poll, Latino voters are growing in numbers in important swing states such as Nevada, Colorado, Florida... Continue »