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Colorado Latino Voters Back Clinton Over Trump By 81-16% Margin

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Below are key candidate questions for the Colorado-specific Latino election eve polls, conducted by Latino Decisions. Full toplines and crosstabs available HERE for the Latino poll; Asian American poll findings will be posted online HERE starting tomorrow.

In Colorado, Latino voters back Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by a 67-31% margin. By comparison, in Latino Decisions’ 2012 election eve polling, Colorado Latinos backed President Obama over Mitt Romney by a 87-10% margin. Nationwide, Latino voters support Clinton over Trump by a historically lopsided 79-18% margin nationwide – a 4:1 margin. By comparison, President Obama defeated Mitt Romney among Latino voters by a 75%-23% margin nationwide, according to Latino Decisions 2012 election eve polling – a 3:1 margin.

Latino voters in Colorado supported Democrat Michael Bennett over Republican Darryl Glenn by a 80-17% margin.

Latinos in Colorado overwhelmingly backed Democratic candidates in a generic House ballot question. In a question gauging support for an unnamed Democratic or Republican candidate, Latino voters backed Democratic House candidates over Republican House candidates by a 84-14% margin in Colorado and a 84-15% margin nationwide.

Latinos in Colorado overwhelmingly support Amendment 70. In a question gauging support for Amendment 70, the state minimum wage amendment, that raises the minimum wage to $9.30 per hour, and increases it by 90 cents each year, Latino voters support the amendment by a 78%-18% margin.  

The 5,600 person Latino election eve poll, conducted by Latino Decisions and sponsored by America’s Voice, SEIU, Mi Familia Vota, NCLR, and Latino Victory Project, includes both national figures and results from these twelve target states: AZ, CA, CO, FL, IL, NC, NV, NY, OH, TX, VA, and WI.