Colorado – The Senate is poised to join the House and vote for the resolution blocking President Trump’s unconstitutional and unpopular emergency declaration. With leading conservative voices and constitutional scholars joining the majority of both chambers in opposing Trump’s power grab, Senator Cory Gardner should declare whether he intends... Continue »
On immigration, there are three types of comments right now coming from Republicans: Empty rhetoric about how the GOP might pass an immigration reform bill next year, because the party must show people that it can govern Reluctance to submit a proposal, or commit to passing anything, because Republicans... Continue »
From the Denver Post’s last few endorsements, you would never have thought that they used to support immigration reform. They did — in an editorial published a few days before the Senate passed a comprehensive immigration bill last summer, the Post wrote,  “the Senate bill is still the sort of comprehensive... Continue »
Rep. Cory Gardner (R-CO), now running for Senate in a state where the electorate is 13% Latino, has been saying a lot of nice things about immigration reform.  Immigration reform has consistently been a top priority for Colorado’s Latino voters, and so Gardner has been going around claiming that... Continue »
Bloomberg Politics has a great cover story today on the Senate race in Colorado between Sen. Mark Udall (D) and his challenger Rep. Cory Gardner (R).  It’s one of the most competitive races this fall, and is made even more important by the fact that Colorado is a significant bellwether for the rest of... Continue »
To listen to Paul Ryan and John Boehner, you would think that House Republicans are gearing up to pass immigration reform next year — there are just pesky Democratic obstructionists in the way. Please.  That’s the line that Rep. Cory Gardner (R-CO), the Republican challenger for Mark Udall’s Senate seat in Colorado, is taking as... Continue »
MSNBC’s Benjy Sarlin today covers two of this fall’s most important races — Rep. Cory Gardner’s (R-CO) bid to unseat Sen. Mark Udall, and Rep. Mike Coffman’s (R-CO) battle to hold his seat against Democratic challenger Andrew Romanoff.  Colorado’s electorate is 13% Latino, and as we’ve written about many times, both of... Continue »
This fall in Colorado, Rep. Cory Gardner (R-CO) is running for Senate against incumbent Democrat Mark Udall, in a state where the electorate is 13% Latino and an environment where Gardner and his House Republicans have done precisely nothing to push immigration reform forward.  Today at the Denver Post, Democratic state Reps.... Continue »
This Congressional session, House Republicans killed immigration reform — and one place where that will really hurt them this year is in Colorado, where key races like Rep. Mike Coffman’s (R-CO) bid for reelection and Rep. Cory Gardner’s (R-CO) campaign for Senator will be sorely dependent on the support of Latino voters.  Today,... Continue »
Last Minute Election-Year “Conversion” Won’t Make Up for Years of Anti-Immigrant Voting  Where to begin? The political circus that was last week’s House GOP vote on its border bill and DREAMer deportation amendment was as dysfunctional as it was absurd. Yes, Republicans voted once again to deport DREAMers back... Continue »