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Steve Benen: Republicans Are Attacking Dems for Supporting a Bill 14 GOP Senators Voted For

At MSNBC today, Steve Benen points out the recent election-year Republican hypocrisy behind a series of ads attacking Democrats for supporting an immigration reform bill that 14 GOP Senators voted for. First, there was Michelle Nunn, the Democratic Senate candidate in Georgia who was blasted by the National Republican Senatorial Committee for supporting S. 744, the Senate … Continue reading »

Voting is the Only Option

Frustration and anger can translate into inaction and paralysis, or they can fuel change. I prefer the second option because if participation of Hispanics in elections were equivalent to our population numbers, we’d be in a very different place, especially if we voted in larger numbers on every level, not just in the presidential elections, … Continue reading »

Nearly 50 Advocacy Organizations Launch Hispanic Heritage Month of Action

Republicans are dead to Latino voters, between their inaction on immigration reform and their multiple votes to end DACA and deport DREAMers, while Democrats have been on blast for delaying executive action on deportations.  Today, nearly 50 immigrant and Latino advocacy organizations launched Hispanic Heritage Month of Action to remind both parties of the importance and priorities … Continue reading »

Hillary Clinton's Non-Answer on Immigration Delay: "Elect More Democrats"

This summer, DREAMers have put elected officials of both parties on notice, calling out Republicans for their votes against DACA and Democrats for the President’s recording-breaking deportations.  Hillary Clinton, though not an elected official, became their latest target when she visited the Harkin Steak Fry in Iowa this weekend and met DREAMers who asked her about Obama’s immigration delay. “Yay” she said, … Continue reading »

National Republican Senatorial Committee Calls Senate Bill "Amnesty," Chuck Grassley Doesn't Agree

Whoops. As Aaron Blake at the Washington Post just reported, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has come out with an ad attacking Democrat Michelle Nunn (a Senate candidate in Georgia) for supporting last year’s Senate immigration bill, which the NRSC is calling “amnesty.” A few things here: National Republicans are moving further and further away from … Continue reading »

Lynn Sweet: Obama's Delay Could Hurt Democrats in Illinois

The consensus is that President Obama has delayed taking executive action on immigration because of political concerns — namely, to protect Senate Democrats facing tough reelection campaigns this fall.  But Latino voters are a kingmaking demographic, and 2014 is no exception.  A Latino Decisions poll found that without executive action, 57% of Latino voters will be … Continue reading »

Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition to Protest Obama and Senate Dems Betrayal on Relief for Millions

Immigrant Communities Won’t Be Taken for Granted After Latino Voters Have Played Major Role in Colorado Electoral Victories This weekend President Obama officially announced his reversal of a promise to provide protection for millions of immigrant families by the end of the summer. The President’s willingness to cast the immigrant community aside, yet again, for … Continue reading »

Did Dems Miss an Opportunity for Latino Mobilization?

Cross-posted from Latino Decisions: On June 30, 2014 president Obama announced that if Congress did not pass comprehensive immigration reform that he would implement an administrative order providing temporary legal status to millions of undocumented by the end of summer and before the November 2014 election. As late as August 28, 2014 White House officials suggested to the media … Continue reading »

Colorado Latino and Immigrant Leaders to Obama: Don’t Delay on Relief for Immigrant Families

Follow Advice of Senator Udall and Take Action Now Where House Republicans Have Failed In June, President Obama took to the White House rose garden to express his frustration with House Republicans and their obstruction on immigration reform. He spoke boldly, saying, “Today, I’m beginning a new effort to fix as much of our immigration … Continue reading »

July Latino Decisions Poll: 54% of Latinos Less Likely to Vote for Dems Without Executive Action

As speculation continues about whether Obama will delay his anticipated announcement on an immigration reform executive action, let’s throw back to this July 2014 Latino Decisions poll: If President Obama decides against exercising his executive authority to address immigration, all  Democratic candidates in the midterm elections will absorb the blame: 54% of Latino voters would … Continue reading »

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