Research Finds Anti-immigrant Ads Don’t Mobilize White voters, But Do Mobilize Latino Voters While it is no longer breaking news that Republicans have rejected their own post-2012 consensus to rebrand their image to Latino voters and reposition themselves on immigration policy, the rationale behind the GOP’s decision to ignore... Continue »
Cross-posted from Latino Decisions: As congressional lawmakers return home for the summer recess and campaign for the upcoming mid-term election, Republicans believe immigration is an issue they can use to mobilize their base. Specifically, many are calculating that voters are frustrated with the present crisis at the border and... Continue »
This Congressional session, House Republicans killed immigration reform — and one place where that will really hurt them this year is in Colorado, where key races like Rep. Mike Coffman’s (R-CO) bid for reelection and Rep. Cory Gardner’s (R-CO) campaign for Senator will be sorely dependent on the support of Latino voters.  Today,... Continue »
As 2016 Campaign Gets Underway, Republicans Abandon Issue to Anti-immigrant Wing This week, the Republican National Committee met to evaluate how much progress the Party has made since issuing its post-2012 election autopsy. The recommendation to act on immigration was not only ignored, but stomped on.  As the Associated... Continue »
The big political news story today is Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN)‘s triumph over challenger Joe Carr in the Tennessee GOP primary last night, proving that a Republican can vote for immigration reform and live to serve another day.  Three Senate Republicans –Alexander, Lindsey Graham (SC), and Susan Collins (ME) — voted... Continue »
Last Minute Election-Year “Conversion” Won’t Make Up for Years of Anti-Immigrant Voting  Where to begin? The political circus that was last week’s House GOP vote on its border bill and DREAMer deportation amendment was as dysfunctional as it was absurd. Yes, Republicans voted once again to deport DREAMers back... Continue »
The following is cross-posted from Latino Decisions: Last Friday, after months of foot-dragging and increasingly bizarre explanations to justify their inaction, Republican congressional leaders finally allowed legislation addressing immigration policy to be brought to the House floor for consideration. For those holding out hope that the House would act... Continue »
Scorecard Zeroes in on the 12 Most Vulnerable Republicans House Democrats are continuing their efforts to demand a vote on immigration reform and House Republicans are continuing to block action while promising to one day address the issue.  The disconnect between Republicans’ rhetorical support for immigration reform and their actual legislative... Continue »
Rep. Cory Gardner (R-CO) is running against incumbent Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) this November, and when it comes to where he actually stands on immigration, Gardner’s schtick is getting a little old.  Jason Salzman nails it at Huffington Post Denver today: Colorado Senate candidate Cory Gardner, who’s challenging Democratic Sen. Mark... Continue »
Cory Gardner Doubles Down on Anti-Immigrant Stance By Criticizing Senate Immigration Bill Supported by 70% of Coloradans  With immigration reform legislation laid to rest at the feet of House Republicans, national Latino and Asian groups released a score card Monday to grade members of the House of Representatives on... Continue »