As GOP presidential candidates head to California’s Simi Valley for their next debate at the Reagan Library, which will undoubtedly be another endless anti-immigrant tirade, it’s worth reviewing the trajectory that took the Golden State from a Republican bastion to a Democratic stronghold. Attacks on immigrants were a major... Continue »
In the race to replace retiring Sen. Barbara Boxer, California Republicans have been shut out of a spot on the fall ballot “for the first time since the state’s first direct election of Senators in 1914.” Under state rules, the top two finishers win spots on the fall ballot... Continue »
With General Elections Around the Corner, Jason Riley of the Wall Street Journal Explains Why California Remains a Cautionary Tale for the GOP As Donald Trump and Ted Cruz continue to argue over who’s the biggest anti-immigrant demagogue in the GOP field, Jason Riley of the Wall Street Journal offers a... Continue »
Ahead of tonight’s Republican presidential debate, a range of observers are echoing some of our key assessments about the role of immigration in the 2016 contest: the dangerous and radical notions advanced by Donald Trump; the contrasts between the current field and Ronald Reagan on immigration; and the long-term... Continue »
Ahead of Reagan Library Debate, Immigration and Labor Leaders Join Political Scientist to Discuss How CA Serves a Cautionary Tale for the National GOP Click here to listen to today’s recording. Tonight’s debate in California offers a reminder – a cautionary tale – for Republicans.  In 1994, California’s Governor... Continue »
Ahead of a busy political week, here are a few of the key developments and takeaways surrounding the politics of immigration, an issue that continues to play a dominant role in the Republican presidential campaign. Sorry Reince, Policy Matters:  On Sunday, Jake Tapper of CNN asked RNC Chairman Reince Priebusif... Continue »
Congressional Republicans may be resisting comprehensive immigration reform in favor of Trump-style, enforcement-only measures, but that hasn’t stopped California from picking up the baton Washington simply doesn’t have the courage to touch. A must-read editorial from the Sacramento Bee highlights the groundbreaking work California legislators have both introduced and... Continue »
It might be a symbolic gesture at this point, but in the immigration debate symbolism matters.  California’s notoriously anti-immigrant Proposition 187—the ballot initiative that spawned a movement and inspired untold numbers of leaders to enter organizing and politics—has been removed from California state law. It was already unenforceable thanks... Continue »
Research Finds Anti-immigrant Ads Don’t Mobilize White voters, But Do Mobilize Latino Voters While it is no longer breaking news that Republicans have rejected their own post-2012 consensus to rebrand their image to Latino voters and reposition themselves on immigration policy, the rationale behind the GOP’s decision to ignore... Continue »
Will Kevin McCarthy Follow the Path of Pete Wilson or Ronald Reagan? Washington, DC – As a series of new reports capture, House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) likely ascension to House Majority Leader will have important implications for immigration policy and moreover, the political future of the Republican Party.  And coming from California,... Continue »