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Rep. Mike Coffman’s Record on Immigration and Mitt Romney’s “Self-Deportation” Strategy Converge

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Will Coffman Follow Romney Down the Path to 23 Percent of the Latino Vote in Colorado?

As former Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney visits Colorado today to endorse and raise money for Rep. Mike Coffman (R, CO-6), the obvious question arises: Will Mike Coffman continue his path following Romney down the “self-deportation” rabbit hole? It certainly appears that way. Despite saying he supports immigration reform, the Aurora Republican, where Latinos make up 20 percent of his district, has only take one vote on immigration in Congress – to deport DREAMers. Unless House Republicans can take action on immigration reform in the short window remaining this June, Coffman will have only that vote to run on, making Romney’s endorsement that much more fitting.

The 2012 election and Romney’s embarrassingly low numbers with Latino voters were a major impetus for House Republicans to begin talking more than a year ago about the need for reform to repair their image with Latino voters. However, the only vote they’ve taken was on Rep. Steve King’s amendment to defund the DACA program and subject DREAMers to deportation. In addition, Republicans like Mike Coffman have refused to either vote on the bipartisan bill before them or craft their own alternative.

“First Coffman does a fundraiser with Boehner and Cantor who refuse to call a vote on immigration reform and now Romney is here raising more Coffman money,” said Pedro Carrillo, SEIU Local 105 member.” There is a saying in Spanish that goes, “Tell me who you hang out with and I’ll tell you who you are. It’s becoming clear who Coffman really is.”

Patty Kupfer, Managing Director of America’s Voice, based in Colorado, said:

Do Mike Coffman and his fellow Republicans want to be forever stamped as the ‘self-deportation’ party? If so, he should continue in the footsteps of his latest endorser, failed Republican Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. Republicans have a short window left before President Obama will be forced to step in and use his authority to protect immigrant families. Then, the two parties reputations will be sealed for good.