A recording of the call is available here.   Earlier today, Georgia organizers discussed their efforts that led to record-breaking voter turnout from BIPOC communities, which delivered the control of the Senate to the Democratic party with the historic wins of Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff in the Georgia... Continue »
Yesterday, in a panel of federal judges ruled that two Texas congressional districts were unconstitutionally drawn. This could result in redrawn congressional districts for the 2018 election cycle that will be more competitive and more representative of the changing demographics of the state. The ruling came after a six-year... Continue »
In a new “Plum Line” piece, Greg Sargent predicts that: “No matter what, the Democratic Party isn’t going to back down from aggressively defending minority rights. It just can’t… agenda is likely to feature a major assault on various constituencies that will simply require Democrats to mount an aggressive,... Continue »
Women of color won historic victories in Senate, House, and state races across the nation this past week. In Nevada, former state Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto defeated Republican Congressman Joe Heck to become the first Latina elected to the US Senate. Let’s take a moment to celebrate Catherine... Continue »
“Our community is ready to send an unmistakable message to Trump and the Republicans who enabled him” In a new piece for Univision, America’s Voice’s Gabe Ortíz lays out the truth: “The 27 million Latinos eligible to vote in this year’s election have the power to become the wall between... Continue »
Simon Rosenberg from the left and Jennifer Rubin from the right weigh in with insightful takes on how Latinos and the politics of immigration are shaking up the electoral map in 2016 – and beyond With the 2016 electoral map taking shape, a host of Latino-heavy states moving towards... Continue »
Immigrant voters know how much is at stake this Presidential election — just ask José Gallego, a member of Make the Road Action in New York. Gallego, who came to the US in 2010, writes in a Newsday op-ed that anti-immigrant rhetoric from this Presidential election spurred him to... Continue »
Arizona organizers have registered 75,000 new Latino voters in time for the November election, making it the largest voter registration effort in the state’s history, according to KJZZ. Mi Familia Vota reached a goal of 75,000 new Latino voters with about a month left to go before next month’s... Continue »
Red Sox icon David Ortiz called Donald Trump’s anti-Mexican attacks “a slap in the face” during a recent USA Today interview. “I walk around sometimes, and I see Mexican people trying to earn a living in an honest way,” said the Dominican-born slugger. “And to hear somebody make those... Continue »
While Donald Trump’s rallies in North Carolina have become infamous this election cycle for their xenophobic and divisive rhetoric and frequent outbursts of violence, the more significant story may prove to be a tectonic, though silent, shift in the North Carolina electorate that strongly rejects the extreme agenda of... Continue »