Hundreds of immigrants, workers, and community members gathered outside the site of the second Republican presidential debate in California this week with a message for the candidates set to take the stage that night: hate doesn’t belong in our state. CHIRLA Action Fund, SEIU United Service Workers West, and... Continue »
Republican presidential candidates will no doubt have endless platitudes for Ronald Reagan at the debate scheduled to take place at the library of the 40th President in California’s Simi Valley on September 27 – but expect those words of praise to come to an abrupt stop when it comes... Continue »
The second 2024 Republican presidential debate is set to take place at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California’s Simi Valley on September 27. Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, former Vice President Mike Pence, drug executive Vivek Ramaswamy,... Continue »
The GOP’s race to the bottom on immigration was on full display at the first Republican presidential debate on Wednesday night, where candidates endorsed waging war within the border of our neighbor and ally Mexico, called for mass deportation, spread pernicious lies about the fentanyl crisis, and invoked white... Continue »
The first Republican Presidential primary debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, hosted by Fox News channel, won’t be a regular debate about agendas to improve the country but a forum of extremist rhetoric and conspiracy theories. Six years ago, Trump flung open the door of the GOP to the racists and... Continue »
While former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are certainly the loudest nativists of the 2024 Republican presidential primary field, they’re not the only candidates to put forward anti-immigrant plans. Rather than offering workable and humane solutions to our broken immigration system, the proposals from GOP candidates... Continue »
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis desperately wants to be president. But with former President Donald Trump continuing to vastly squash him in the GOP primary polls, DeSantis’ strategy has been to try to one-up him on cruelty and racism, particularly on immigration — a very high bar to clear. Despite... Continue »
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis this week unveiled his immigration plan. It’s ugly and extreme,  pushing cruel and deadly proposals that are a reflection of the Republican Party’s race to the bottom on immigration. The recently passed DeSantis anti-immigrant law in Florida is already facing massive blowback from Florida communities... Continue »