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Clinton and Kaine Throw Down in Arizona

Showing they get the politics of immigration, the importance of the Latino vote and the importance of defeating Trumpism Something surprising is happening in the campaign’s homestretch. Instead of following the old Democratic Party playbook – speak in targeted ways to Latinos and about immigration – the Hillary Clinton campaign is leaning in. Just look at the … Continue reading »

Donald Trump Is in Trouble in the “Must-Win” State of Florida, and It’s Largely Because of Latino Voters

Less than one week before the election, two things are becoming clear: 1) Donald Trump cannot win the presidency unless he wins Florida; and 2) if Trump loses Florida it will be because Latino voters have played a decisive role. In other words, Trump is in trouble. With approximately half of the likely Florida electorate already … Continue reading »

LatinOHs Votan: Latino Voters, Leaders, and Allies March to the Polls

***MEDIA AVAILABILITY*** TODAY, November 3rd, 4:30-6:30pm EST Begins at La Mega 87.7 Lobby (5000 Euclid Avenue, Suite 877) Ends Outside the Board of Elections (2925 Euclid Avenue) Candlelight March and Early Voting on November 3rd Today, November 3rd, Cuyahoga County Latino, labor and faith community members and leaders will come together for an early vote rally followed … Continue reading »

“I Do It For My Parents”: First Time Voters Will Vote This November For Their Undocumented Families

Two of the new citizens who are voting for the first time this November aren’t just voting for themselves — they’re also voting for the undocumented immigrants who can’t vote. In the battleground state of Nevada — where early voting numbers are indicating Latino and immigrant voters are energized — Alejandro is voting in his … Continue reading »

View From the Ground in Three Key Swing States: Community Leaders, Canvassers Discuss Voting Numbers in Florida, Nevada, and Colorado

A recording of today’s call is available here On a press call this afternoon hosted by America’s Voice and Immigrant Voters Win PAC, community leaders and canvassers discussed voting numbers from the ground in Florida, Nevada, and Colorado. Just a week before Election Day, speakers provided insight into what they are hearing at the doors, what’s going on at … Continue reading »

In Key 2016 States, High Levels of Latino Voter Energy and Participation on Display

Will Latinos turn out and vote against Trump and for Democrats by record margins? By a number of measures, Latino voters across the country are engaged and enthusiastic about voting in 2016. Adrian Pantoja of Latino Decisions has this to say in a new analysis titled, “The Trump Effect and the Latino Vote”: “Throughout this election … Continue reading »

Senate Candidate Catherine Cortez Masto Joins Nevada Families For Halloween-Themed GOTV Party

Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto joined Nevada families for a Halloween-themed GOTV effort in Las Vegas yesterday, with attendees eager to remind candidates that there is “no hope without the Latino vote.” And, families are certainly already making their voices heard. According to political guru Jon Ralston, half a million Nevadans have already cast their … Continue reading »

You Have To Hear Maria Hinojosa’s Incredible Response After Trump Advisor Uses Pejorative “Illegals”

Journalist Maria Hinojosa ripped into a member of Donald Trump’s Hispanic Advisory Board (remember that?) for his use of the pejorative “illegals” during an appearance on MSNBC’s AM Joy this past weekend. At one point, Trump advisor Steve Cortes said that “it is more unfair for legal immigrants to allow for illegals to hop in front … Continue reading »

“Unidos, We Can Stop Hate”: Florida Families Take To The Streets In Early Voting Event

With Election Day a little more than a week away and early voting in full swing in a number of states, there are encouraging signs Latino voters are mobilized and set on making their voices heard this November. According to a must-read piece from Fusion, “The Latino ‘sleeping giant’ is finally woke in key battlegrounds,” states … Continue reading »

ICYMI: David Adams: “Do Polls Underestimate The Democratic Party’s Latino Vote?”

Last week, we cautioned about the effects of faulty polling of Latinos in battleground states on pre-election predictions and post-election analyses. In a new piece for Univision, David Adams outlines pollsters’ common mistakes when interviewing Latino voters, including small sample sizes and targeting the ““wrong Latinos”…By not offering interviews in Spanish and relying on interviews via internet and … Continue reading »