Less than 24 hours before Election Day, one of the dominant post-election storylines has already emerged: Latino voters are surging, poised to vote in historic numbers against Donald Trump in large part due to immigration issues, and are set to be decisive in key states throughout the country: Jonathan... Continuar »
On June 16, 2015, Donald Trump launched his Presidential campaign by calling Mexicans drug dealers, criminals and “rapists.” Some may have forgotten his remarks during the 16 months of insults that were to come, but Latino never did. Just take a look at what happened during the final night of early voting in... Continuar »
Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee Tim Kaine delivered an all-Spanish speech during a campaign stop in Phoenix, Arizona yesterday. NBC News called it “the first speech completely in Spanish by a candidate at an organized campaign rally during a presidential election,” and came just a day after Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary... Continuar »
Mounting evidence of a Latino voter surge, nationally and in key states Throughout this election cycle, one of the key questions has been whether Donald Trump would turn out “missing white voters” in numbers big enough to win him the presidency. The theory, popular on the right in recent... Continuar »
On a press call today, pollsters and experts on the Latino and AAPI electorates discussed why the national exit polls and many pre-election polls rely on methods that fail to accurately capture these subsets of the American electorate. The speakers also announced key details about 2016 Latino and AAPI... Continuar »
One of the most dynamic groups on the ground this election season is Bazta Arpaio, a campaign mobilizing Arizona’s Latino and immigrant voters to oust the beleaguered Sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio. Arpaio — facing a boom of newly-registered and naturalized Latino voters, sinking favorability numbers, and federal... Continuar »
 *** Latino & AAPI Voter Election Eve Poll to Be Released in Multiple Installments*** Releases Throughout Election Day (2pm EST/11am PT and 4pm EST/1pm PT) Candidate Questions Released as Polls Close in Individual States (starting 7pm EST/4pm PT and ending at 11pm EST/8pm PT) Wed 11/9: Webinar on Latino poll and election... Continuar »
Yesterday, Latino, labor and faith community leaders from Ohio’s Cuyahoga County–and beyond–joined voters in an early vote rally and candlelight march to the polls, under the banner “LatinOHs Votan.”   Around 60 people attended the early voting rally in a restaurant below the offices of La Mega 87.7, the... Continuar »
Showing they get the politics of immigration, the importance of the Latino vote and the importance of defeating Trumpism Something surprising is happening in the campaign’s homestretch. Instead of following the old Democratic Party playbook – speak in targeted ways to Latinos and about immigration – the Hillary Clinton campaign is... Continuar »
Less than one week before the election, two things are becoming clear: 1) Donald Trump cannot win the presidency unless he wins Florida; and 2) if Trump loses Florida it will be because Latino voters have played a decisive role. In other words, Trump is in trouble. With approximately half... Continuar »