While President Donald Trump defies the coronavirus with packed rallies that have been sources of contagion, even though it doesn’t matter to his loyal followers, around the country other places are equally packed. But these places are filled with voters who are waiting in long and, in many cases,... Continue »
Los Angeles, California – The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA) and the CHIRLA Action Fund have tasked themselves with educating California voters on propositions that will appear on the ballot on November 6th,  and ensuring that people vote and that they do it for candidates who are looking... Continue »
FULLERTON, California – Orange County has become ground zero for Democrats trying to turn Republican districts blue in close races. They’ll only be able to succeed if they can mobilize Latino and Asian voters, who have been changing the face of this traditionally white, conservative and Republican community. In... Continue »
In a new column originally published on Univision.com, Maribel Hastings, Director of America’s Voice en Español, puts President Trump’s selfish actions on full display and reminds him, and readers, that Puerto Ricans are watching as he continues to put his needs above those of American citizens.    The article... Continue »
The America’s Voice en Español team, Maribel Hastings and David Torres, both former veteran Spanish-language journalists, penned the following article, originally published in La Opinón, after seeing first hand how on the ground canvassing work is mobilizing Latino voters of Central Florida ahead of the upcoming election on November... Continue »
ORLANDO, Florida – With the midterms approaching, Maribel Hastings, America’s Voice en Español Director, wrote the following article as a part of the series Voz y Voto 2018, which was originally published in La Opinión, focusing on the on the ground alliances between groups in Florida looking to mobilize... Continue »
KISSIMMEE, Florida – Maribel Hastings, America’s Voice en Español Director, published a new article in La Opinión, as a part of the election series Voz y Voto 2018, shining a light on the growing resentment towards President Trump from Puerto Ricans, not only because of the administration’s irresponsible reaction... Continue »