Each Friday through Election Day, we disseminate this memo highlighting the key 2020 developments at the intersection of electoral politics and immigration   Key Immigration Politics Stories Americans stand with Biden-Harris vision for immigrants in America. The “through-line” between Trumpian racism and white nationalist terror attacks. The most anti-immigrant President in history cynically stages a… Continue »

The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director at America’s Voice following the conclusion of the Republican National Convention: Whew. We’re sure glad that’s over. Let’s leave all that in the rear view mirror. It’s time to double down on the work ahead to consolidate the majority determined to achieve a better, more… Continue »

Each Friday through Election Day, we put out a short weekly memo that highlights the biggest 2020 election developments at the intersection of electoral politics and immigration.  Key Immigration Politics Storylines Kamala Harris, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and the sharp contrast between the two parties Kamala Harris is an inspired and historic choice as Joe Biden’s… Continue »

Kamala Harris

The burgeoning Republican and conservative attacks on Kamala Harris reveal the parties’ competing views of America. From questioning the legitimacy of Harris as a candidate based on a crackpot interpretation of the 14th amendment – as conservative legal scholar John Eastman attempted to do – to adding sexism and misogyny to their ongoing racism and… Continue »

I don’t know if it’s just me, or if the designation of Senator Kamala Harris as running mate for the presumed Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, has generated a collective enthusiasm among a group of us, which is more than evident in the social networks. So much so that if this continues to the polls… Continue »

The sharp contrast between the two parties was on full display yesterday. Democrats cheered as newly-selected VP candidate Kamala Harris stepped onto the presidential ticket and spoke of healing, unity and solutions. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the victor in a contested GOP congressional primary in Georgia, is known for her embrace of conspiracy theories, anti-Semitism, xenophobia,… Continue »