This week, Americans witnessed history as young DREAMers began applying for deferred action under the policy announced by President Obama. The event garnered intense attention in both English and Spanish Language media.  Univisión anchor Jorge Ramos said, “The day of DREAMS has arrived.  As of today DREAMers can present... Continue »
The beginning of deferred action made for quite an historic day yesterday, with tens of thousands of DREAMers lining up from Chicago to El Paso to Los Angeles waiting to receive assistance on their applications.  Yet in the midst of a nationwide celebration and day of victory, there remained... Continue »
America’s Voice supports Univisión’s efforts to have the presidential candidates participate in a candidate forum focused on the array of issues most relevant to the Latino community. Univisión, the nation’s largest Spanish language network, this week issued an invitation to the presidential candidates to participate in a candidate forum... Continue »
Yesterday, when Mitt Romney visited Birmingham, Alabama for a fundraising event at the city’s exclusive restaurant — “The Club” — he was met outside by a number of protestors from the Immigrant Youth Leadership Initiative of Alabama. The group chanted “education, not deportation” and held up signs that read... Continue »
Yesterday’s official launch of the deferred action program for DREAMers offered a reminder about how public policy changes can sometimes directly affect people’s lives.  Unfortunately, yesterday also brought a reminder of the way politics can butt in on even the most celebratory of days, bringing into view the sharp... Continue »
The news that Mitt Romney has selected Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as his running mate reinforces the Republican immigration status quo and is not going to help repair Romney’s low standing among Latino voters.  The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, reacting to... Continue »
While Team Romney hits Obama with a Nevada ad that highlights the administration’s deportation record, Obama hit the campaign trail in Colorado yesterday, slamming the GOP presidential hopeful on his immigration plan. According to CBS News: “Romney believes in self-deportation” and the Arizona immigration law, Mr. Obama told the... Continue »
A growing number of Democratic candidates are embracing new paradigms on immigration, while Republicans remain stuck in the old way of thinking. The latest evidence of the parties’ different strategies on immigration comes from three Democratic Senate candidates in the “Latino battleground” states of Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.... Continue »
This morning, New Orleans Immigration Judge William Wayne Stogner delivered a victory to Joaquin Navarro Hernandez and the Southern 32. Jude Stogner’s decision in favor of Joaquin, a day laborer who has contributed to the reconstruction of New Orleans, also critiqued the evidence created by Border Patrol on which ICE based its... Continue »
Read here the analysis by Maribel Hastings about the pro-Romney Spanish-language ad directed to Latino voters of Nevada that targets the Obama administration’s record number of deportations. Here’s an excerpt (in Spanish): “Disfruto de los refranes porque no hay mejor análisis que la sabiduría popular. Al ver el anuncio... Continue »