With Congress back home during the recent recess, constituents made sure to raise their voices. In her latest for the blog, America’s Voice Education Fund’s Van Le recaps the many efforts of constituents to get answers “on what their members of Congress are doing about immigration reform – and how they’re standing up to Trump’s... Continue »
A Recap of Democratic and Republican Responses to the Immigration Resistance April’s Congressional Recess is over, and this week Congress returns to DC having heard from (and in some cases, doing battle with) their constituents over a number of issues. One of these issues was immigration reform, which was... Continue »
Congress is in recess, which means that town halls this week and next week will offer a glimpse how voters are responding to the Trump Administration’s agenda and how Congress is reacting to it. Two town halls this week in Arizona and Virginia demonstrated that on immigration (along with... Continue »
A month after Sen. John McCain faced hostile Tea Partiers opposed to immigration reform at an Arizona town hall, McCain was at it again—and this time found lots of love from Arizonans applauding McCain’s leadership on immigration legislation. Yesterday in Arizona, Mi Familia Vota Education volunteers, with other community... Continue »
Many members of Congress have been at home this week, meeting with their constituents and speaking about–among other things–immigration reform legislation currently being considered in Congress. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), one of the most anti-immigrant members of the Senate, encountered some of his pro-immigration reform constituents yesterday, at a fish fry... Continue »
“The only thing that stops them, and I’m afraid to say but it’s too damn bad, but is a gun.  That’s all that will stop them,” said one.  “Cut off their welfare and their stuff and they’ll go back!” another said. These are just a few choice quotes shouted... Continue »
While cable news channels have been in its usual hysterics over a few hard-core anti-immigrant cranks showing up at a Senator John McCain town hall meeting this week, the person most unbothered by those cranks has been Senator John McCain himself.  He dismissed the confrontation as a normal event,... Continue »
The buzz in news this week involves a recent John McCain town hall event in Arizona, where he was heckled by anti-immigrant opponents shouting about stopping immigrants with guns and expressing beliefs that all immigrants are on welfare (actually, they’re not eligible). In contrast to the extremism in Arizona, we want to share this video... Continue »