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Must-Read Articles on Immigration, February 19, 2013

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Over the holiday weekend, the big news in immigration reform was the leak of President Obama’s immigration bill–and Marco Rubio’s harsh response to it.  The President’s plan would create a Lawful Prospective Immigrant visa for the 11 million aspiring Americans already in the US.  If they passed background checks, learned English, and pay back taxes, immigrants could apply for a green card after eight years, and earn citizenship after thirteen years.  The White House has stressed that the President’s plan will not be on the table unless Congress fails to act on crafting a bill of its own.  Regardless of what immigration legislation eventually looks like, one thing we know it must include is a roadmap to citizenship for immigrants already here, and the wait for them must be counted in years–not decades.

AJ Press: Proponents of comprehensive immigration reform hope for resolution in August
By Joseph Pimentel

USA Today: White House immigration plan offers path to residency
By Alan Gomez

CNN: On immigration bill leak, Schumer says reform can only happen with ‘bipartisan agreement’
By Ashley Killough

CBS News: GOP: Leaked WH immigration plan “counterproductive”
By Jake Miller

ABC News: WH Chief of Staff on Leaked Immigration Proposal: Let’s Make Sure It Doesn’t Have to be Proposed
By Benjamin Bell

Miami Herald: Obama’s immigration reform frays nerves, but shows similarities with Marco Rubio’s plan
By Marc Caputo

Los Angeles Times: White House insists it didn’t leak immigration plan
By Brian Bennett and Kathleen Hennessy

TIME: If Immigration Reform Stalls, Federal Courts Could Have A Say
By David Von Drehle

Roll Call: Immigration’s ‘Gang of Eight’
By Humberto Sanchez

Las Vegas Sun: War of words under way in immigration reform debate
By Karoun Demirgian

Associated Press: Families look for relief from immigration bill
By Erica Werner

Associated Press: Obama immigration aide seeks to finish journey
By Julie Pace

Christian Science Monitor: Bob Goodlatte: GOP point man on immigration urges ‘regular order’
By David Grant

Roll Call: Immigration Debate Draws New Super PACs, Celebrities
By Eliza Newlin Carney

New York Times: With No Shortcut to a Green Card, Gay Couples Leave U.S.
By Julia Preston

Fox News Latino: Immigration Agency Under Fire for Alleged Deportation Quotas
By Andrew O’Reilly

New York Times: California Eases Tone as Latinos Make Gains
By Jennifer Medina

New York Times Magazine: Do Illegal Immigrants Actually Hurt the U.S. Economy?
By Adam Davidson

Orange County Register: Student alleges threat by Rohrabacher after immigration meeting
By Jaimee Lynn Fletcher

Washington Post (Opinion): Obama’s immigration plan may be a decoy
By Eugene Robinson

Washington Post (Blog): Marco Rubio is against administration’s Rubio-esque immigration plan
By Jamelle Bouie

Huffington Post (Blog): President Obama: Don’t Delay Citizenship Another Generation
By Gordon Whitman

Los Angeles Times: Tucson arrests unleash anger over Arizona immigration law
By Cindy Carcamo

Fox Denver: National protest against Obama sees little action at Colorado Capitol
By Tammy Vigil

Daily Kos: Republicans outraged that White House isn’t sitting back and trusting them on immigration reform
Laura Clawson

Mediate: Kirsten Powers Frustrated That Obama Can’t Win With Detractors: Plan Or No Plan, White House Gets Criticism
Noah Rothman

Think Progress: Republicans Attack Obama For Drafting Immigration Reform Plan That Resembles Bipartisan Principles
Nicole Flatow

Fire Dog Lake: E-Verify: Bad for Businesses and Employees
Amy Dean

Think Progress: Why Undocumented Immigrants Are Terrified To Report Crimes, And How One City Is Fixing That
Scott Keyes

Crooks and Liars: Lou Dobbs Schooled In New Republican ‘Messaging’

NRA’s LaPierre offends and endangers Latinos with latest arguments for gun rights