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Sign Our Petition: Condemn Rep. Rohrabacher's Attack on 18-Year-Old DREAMer

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Last week a member of Congress — Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) —  harassed, screamed at, and threatened an 18-year-old DREAMer who was visiting him with her faith-based community group.

Jessica Bravo just wanted to talk to her representative like any other constituent. But when she mentioned her undocumented status, Rohrabacher let loose — yelling about how he “hate[s] illegals,” chasing her out of the room, and threatening “now I know where you live.”

Rohrabacher refuses to apologize, but it is Speaker of the House John Boehner’s job to rein in his members.  He needs to make clear whether he stands against this behavior or will tacitly endorse it.

Tell Speaker Boehner: condemn Representative Rohrabacher’s hateful, anti-immigrant attack on Jessica.

Unfortunately, Rep. Rohrabacher’s hate has gone unchecked for too long. In one disgusting example, he said that he thinks undocumented immigrants should be denied medical treatment and have their organs re-used once they die.

We need to need to show the Speaker and the media that this shocking hate can’t be swept under the rug. It’s time to make an example out of Rep. Rohrabacher so all elected officials know that hate and violence will never be tolerated.

Tell Speaker Boehner: don’t stand on the sidelines in the face of hate. Condemn Rep. Rohrabacher’s attack on Jessica.