In court yesterday, the self-proclaimed “America’s Toughest Sheriff” ran from his record of terrorizing immigrant communities. Gone was the swagger, and under the light of overwhelming evidence, he tried to scramble away and evade responsibility for all of it. 1. “I don’t get involved in those operations. I’m not... Continue »
No One Should Lose Parental Rights, or Be Assaulted, in the Name of “Enforcing the Law” Everyone knows our nation’s immigration policies need to be fixed.  But behind these failed policies are real human beings: those who make decisions about how to enforce the law, and those whose lives... Continue »
Cross-Posted at Mom’s Rising: I’d like to believe that most Americans, perhaps with the exception of the hard-core nativists, like Rep. Steve King and Romney advisor Kris Kobach, knows our nation’s immigration policies need to be fixed.  But behind these failed policies are real human beings:  those who make... Continue »
Alfonso Martinez Sanchez, a 39 year-old father of five, died while trying to cross the Arizona desert last month. He was attempting to reunite with his family after Border Patrol arrested and deported him to Mexico. As the North Carolina Times reports, the tragic story began when Martinez signed... Continue »
An A-Star helicopter got the radio call at about 9:30 p.m., as it traversed the Ajo Desert, roughly 10 miles north of the U.S.-Mexican border. "We're on a group of 13. We're close to moving in if you guys want to come and play." Continue »
Newt Gingrich continued to shore up his right flank on immigration Thursday, signing a pledge to build a fence along the U.S. - Mexico border by the end of 2013 if he becomes president. Continue »
Very powerful op-ed in The Hill, written by Professor Randall McGuire about the Border Patrol titled, Border Patrol abuses of human rights must be stopped. McGuire cuts right to the problem with Border Patrol. It's a "rogue agency." Continue »
In El Salvador, in the spring of 2004, Fernando Quinteros-Mendoza was dating a woman who lived in a rough neighborhood riddled with gang violence. When Fernando started passing through the gang's territory, its members noticed. Continue »
The government hasn't offered to help Alabama put in place a strict immigration law that the Obama administration is challenging in court, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Wednesday. Continue »
This October 26th marks the fifth anniversary of President George W. Bush's signing the law to build a 700-mile fence on the U.S.-Mexico border. Five years later the "border security first" approach has gotten us nowhere. Yet, it's still the number one response from GOP Presidential candidates when asked... Continue »