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WATCH HERE: The Border Security Scam: How Nativists and Criminals Concocted an Issue that Haunts the Immigration Debate

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Most Americans support a balanced approach to immigration policy and reform.  So where did the relentless focus on more and more aggressive enforcement originate?  During the last decade, border security groups like the Minutemen pushed this issue into the forefront. Their extreme messaging was adopted by the media, members of Congress and other officials including the notorious, anti-immigrant Sherriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona. But, increasingly the leaders of that movement are being exposed for their shady pasts and suspect motivations.

Today, September 5th at 1:00pm EST, advocates are hosting a Google+ Hangout to discuss what and who are behind the extremist movement.  You can watch the event here:

David Neiwert, author of “And Hell Followed With Her:  Crossing the Dark Side of the American Border” will tell the history of border security extremists, including the tale of Shawna Forde, one of its leading figures, who is currently on death row in Arizona.  Juanita Molina from the Border Action Network in Tucson, Arizona, will discuss how these groups and personalities shaped the debate over immigration reform in her state. Julieta Garibay from United We DREAM will explain how that discussion led to an growing push to militarize the border. Frank Sharry from America’s Voice will moderate.

This will be a live and interactive event and speakers will be taking questions from Twitter using the hash tag #borderscam.

WHAT: Advocates discuss the border security scam

WHEN: THURSDAY, September 5th at 1:00 PM EDT


  • David Neiwert, author of “And Hell Followed With Her”
  • Juanita Molina, Executive Director, Border Action Network
  • Julieta Garibay, United We DREAM
  • Frank Sharry, Executive Director, America’s Voice