The National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC), the political arm of the House Republican Caucus, has a long history of running racist, xenophobic ads, as documented by America’s Voice ad tracking over the past few cycles. The Republican Party has nothing to offer the American people – besides the Big... Continue »
Experts to Discuss New Poll Results and Implications for Upcoming Midterm and Presidential Elections Washington, DC – On a press call/webinar today, Matt Barreto, Co-Founder of Latino Decisions, and Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, discussed the results of a new nationwide poll of 600 Latino voters that provides... Continue »
To Date, House Republicans Defined By Their Only Immigration Vote this Congress – Steve King’s DREAMer Deportation Amendment Washington, DC – Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) saidtoday, that while the House GOP is still trying to figure out a way forward on immigration reform, “We have no... Continue »
The First Openly Undocumented Immigrant To Testify Before Congress Appears At Historic Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing  Today the Senate Judiciary Committee held its first immigration reform hearing of the year, effectively lifting the curtain on what promises to be a roller coaster of a legislative debate that will begin... Continue »
"Don't confuse me with the facts" should be carved on the walls of office buildings where congressmen and senators work. Politicians are fond of symbols, because they communicate with voters instantly. Gray areas and nuances that more correctly describe America don't pack the same wallop. Continue »
Ever since portions of Georgia's controversial anti-immigration law took effect, the volume of the protests seems to have subsided. But that may be about to change. Georgia's new law has caught the attention of activists from across the country. Continue »
Lawsuits by churches, the U.S. government and civil-rights groups seeking to stop Alabama from enforcing new restrictions on illegal immigrants will be heard as one. U.S. District Judge Sharon Lovelace Blackburn in Birmingham, Alabama, ordered the cases' consolidation yesterday. Episcopal, Roman Catholic and Methodist bishops. Continue »
In an effort to ensure their citizens are treated fairly in Alabama, 16 nations, including Mexico, filed briefs against the state's controversial new immigration law that has already drawn fire from the U.S. Department of Justice. Continue »
The Obama administration is quietly halting some deportations of undocumented young people, after a memo in June that directed immigration officials to consider reprieve for students and would-be military members. Meanwhile, young people facing deportation are still forced to jump through hoops to stay in the United States.... Continue »
His middle name is Diego, so I'm going to call him that, and I'll tell you he's 23. But if I give away too much identifying information, he's sure to lose his job. Or worse. Diego, who works in retail, was born in Mexico and got some tough news... Continue »