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Self-Deportation Mastermind Mark Krikorian Admits Failure of Attrition Through Enforcement

The Mastermind of the GOP’s politically catastrophic self-deportation strategy, Mark Krikorian, that leading anti-immigrant voice, posted another screed from his perch at National Review. Times are tough for the Tanton anti-immigrant network. The political tide has turned against them. So, it’s no surprise that Krikorian has reached a new-low, referring to Frank Sharry as “the Professor Moriarty at … Continue reading »

Day 2 of the RNC: Bring Out the Politicians With the Hispanic Last Names…and the Harsh Anti-Immigrant Platform

At a lunchtime panel with the Hispanic Leadership Network, Susana Martinez, Brian Sandoval, and Jeb Bush sat down to talk about being governor of their respective states, and interestingly, how to talk to Latino voters about immigration. While Jeb Bush has consistently been moderate on immigration, both Martinez and Sandoval have mishandled the issue in … Continue reading »

Marco Rubio Supports E-Verify “In Concept” Even Though He’s An Actual Sponsor of Senate Bill

We know Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) says one thing on immigration and does another, but this is especially rich. In an article in The Hill about how the GOP is split over the issue of E-Verify, Senator Rubio said he supports the legislation “in concept.” But, he’s an actual sponsor of the Senate E-Verify Bill.

Wall Street Journal & New York Times Criticize Lamar Smith And His Not-So-All-American “Jobs Plan”

The Wall Street Journal makes an excellent point about immigration today.

Yesterday, before Janet Napolitano was to face a number of bullying Republicans at an Oversight Hearing held by the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) wrote an op-ed in Politico calling Obama’s record deportation numbers “a trick.”