Douglas Rivlin: “Los demócratas serán juzgados por los resultados obtenidos y las promesas cumplidas. Y hoy dieron otro paso hacia el cumplimiento de los compromisos con el pueblo estadounidense” Washington, DC – La Cámara de Representantes aprobó hoy un marco presupuestario que incluiría nuevas vías para la ciudadanía de... Continuar »
Douglas Rivlin: “Democrats will be judged by results achieved and promises kept. And today, they took another step forward toward delivering on their commitments to the American people.”   Today, the House of Representatives passed a budget framework that would include new pathways to citizenship for millions. The following... Continuar »
Al aproximarse el otoño comienza la cuenta regresiva para el fin de 2021 y, con ello, la posibilidad de que muchos asuntos legislativos se resuelvan o vuelvan a quedarse en el tintero, de cara a un año de elecciones intermedias, 2022, cuando toda la atención se centra  en la política... Continuar »
America’s Voice   America’s Voice reacciona a la aprobación del presupuesto en la Cámara de Representantes America’s Voice Reacts to House Budget Passage El ‘casi se pudo’ no es opción esta vez en la reforma migratoria English Daily Kos New poll shows 81% support for welcoming Afghan allies who... Continuar »
Enabling qualified immigrants to earn green cards satisfies the ‘Byrd rule’ In Roll Call column, immigration policy expert Marshall Fitz makes a strong case for the Senate parliamentarian to say yes to immigration provisions Washington, DC – In a must-read op-ed in Roll Call, Marshall Fitz, managing director of... Continuar »
Meanwhile, Stephen Miller and Foxlandia find themselves in a shrinking cul-de-sac of hardcore haters   New polling finds that the American people, from across the political spectrum, overwhelmingly support efforts to evacuate and resettle our Afghan allies in the U.S. Fresh polling from CBS News finds that Americans support... Continuar »
America’s Voice   “Immigration reform is a perfect fit for budget reconciliation” By 81-19% the American People Support the Resettlement of Afghan Allies in U.S. English The New York Times A former Pence aide says Trump and Miller tried to stymie Afghan refugee efforts. By Michael D. Shear August... Continuar »
Washington, DC – The ongoing crisis for tens of thousands of imperiled Afghans seeking to safely evacuate is sparking predictable anti-refugee xenophobia and hate from the usual suspects – including Stephen Miller, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and a cabal of anti-immigrant House Republicans. But in the face of this... Continuar »
Below is a column by David Torres from America’s Voice en Español translated into English.  The most recent global events, inevitably, have an immediate repercussion on the migration issue: from the endless arrival of desperate migrants to the southern border of the United States, to the recent social protests... Continuar »
English El Semanario (CO, NM) Another attempt at a path to citizenship in the Senate begins By Maribel Hastings and David Torres August 19, 2021 Politico Afghan refugee debate fractures GOP By Marc Caputo August 18, 2021 Associated Press Arizona Governor Says National Guard Staying on Border By AP... Continuar »