Compounding humanitarian crisis demand urgent action from Biden Administration On Saturday, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti and the death count is already at 1,900 with widespread damage, especially across the southern third of the country. The natural disaster hit amid instability following the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse,... Continue »
The most recent global events, inevitably, have an immediate repercussion on the migration issue: from the endless arrival of desperate migrants to the southern border of the United States, to the recent social protests in Cuba, to the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse and subsequent earthquake in Haiti —with... Continue »
Los más recientes acontecimientos mundiales tienen inevitablemente una repercusión inmediata en el ámbito migratorio: desde el imparable arribo de desesperados migrantes a la frontera sur de Estados Unidos, pasando por las recientes manifestaciones sociales en Cuba, hasta el magnicidio del presidente Jovenel Moïse en Haití y el posterior terremoto... Continue »
America’s Voice   After Devastating Earthquake, Biden Administration Must End Deportations, Protect Haitians, Expand TPS The necessary refuge of our days El necesario refugio de nuestros días English USA Today A record number of migrants came to the border in July. Here’s why the US isn’t seeing a typical... Continue »
Concerned Americans across the nation are joined by leading advocates and observers and are calling on the United States to honor its commitment to the safety of Afghan allies who are in harm’s way with the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban. Here is a cross section of some... Continue »
America’s Voice   “We Have a Moral Responsibility to Act and Act Swiftly” Leading Voices Call on Biden Administration to Escalate Evacuations of Afghans English New York Times Thousands Who Helped the U.S. in Afghanistan Are Trapped. What Happens Next? By Miriam Jordan August 16, 2021 Washington Post Afghans... Continue »
English C-SPAN Frank Sharry on Immigration Provisions in the Democrats’ Budget Proposal August 12, 2021 Reuters Moderate U.S. House Democrats add to division over Biden agenda By David Morgan and Susan Heavey August 12, 2021 Roll Call How the Senate ‘vote-a-rama’ spelled out GOP’s midterm script By Lindsey McPherson... Continue »
“We have the support of the American people” Washington, DC – This week the Senate moved America one step closer to enacting legislation that creates pathways to citizenship for millions of Dreamers, TPS holders, farm workers and other essential workers. Below is a sampling of those engaged in the... Continue »
America’s Voice   Pro-immigrant Movement Celebrates Momentum Toward Victory English C-SPAN Frank Sharry on Immigration Provisions in the Democrats’ Budget Proposal August 12, 2021 Associated Press Top Dem sees tough pathway for $3.5T social, climate plans By Alan Fram August 11, 2021 The Washington Post Democratic divisions emerge after... Continue »
“Este voto es un gran paso. El impulso está aumentando. El país está listo. Y los demócratas están preparados para cumplir, usando todo lo que esté en sus manos como mayoría”. Washington, DC – Anoche, el Senado colocó a Estados Unidos un paso más cerca de la legislación que... Continue »