They’re Not Alone – Undocumented Immigrants Pay $11.7 Billion in Taxes Annually  After the revelations broke last night about Donald Trump’s taxes, one of the former Trump undocumented workers that he exploited took to Twitter to highlight her own tax payments and the fact that Trump’s undocumented workers paid... Continue »
Since announcing his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has often used immigrants as a scapegoat for problems in American society with outrageous claims that immigrants don’t pay taxes and leech off the system. After revelations broke last night about Donald Trump’s own financial issues, many immigrants and allies took to... Continue »
Mientras Donald Trump busca su reelección en la lucha ante el demócrata Joe Biden, la pregunta, al igual que en el ciclo 2016, es por qué un porcentaje de latinos sigue apoyando a un presidente que ha ofendido a la comunidad latina con retórica y política pública; que le... Continue »
America’s Voice   Los propios indocumentados que trabajaron para Trump pagaron más impuestos que él “60 Minutes” Exposé: Trump Directed $2 Billion Border Wall Contract to a Crony Who Builds Wall Sections that Fall Down Trump’s Own Undocumented Workers Paid More in Taxes Than He Did The Internet’s Best... Continue »
Key Immigration Politics Stories NYT/Siena Finds Overwhelming Public Support for Path to Citizenship in GA, IA, and TX: Read this to find out why Trump’s xenophobia backfires. “Cornyn Con” Continues: Facing a close Senate race in a changing Texas, John Cornyn gets called out for lying about his support... Continue »
A Washington Post investigative story about a Postville, IA meatpacking plant Agri Star exposes the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on frontline workers, many of them immigrants.   The story reveals that too many policymakers and business owners seem callous at best and engaged in dangerous disinformation at worst. The company... Continue »
America’s Voice   America’s Voice Election 2020 Weekly Digest #9 Immigrant Workers Must Be Thanked and Included in any COVID Recovery Package and in America’s Rebuilding English Texas Signal Immigration activists continue to hammer Cornyn on immigration By Jessica Montoya Coggins September 24, 2020 Sahara Reporters Trump’s Crackdown On... Continue »
In August, Stephen Miller asserted that Joe Biden’s immigration stance would be “a massive political vulnerability.” The Trump campaign has spent millions in ads attacking Joe Biden for supporting a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.  New state-specific polling released today by the New York Times/Siena College in the... Continue »
 Facing a close Senate race in a changing state, Cornyn tries to con voters with his infamous two-faced two-step dance on Dreamers   New polling released by New York Times/Siena finds competitive presidential and Senate contests in Texas. Trump leads Biden by 46% – 43% in a state he... Continue »
“His own manipulation and falsification of intelligence reports makes him a threat in and of himself.”   Today, Acting Director of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli, known at DHS as the Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Deputy Secretary, will testify before the Senate... Continue »