As Big Decisions Loom, Polls Show Strong Support for Dreamers and Strong Opposition to Family Separation Following recent bombshell court decisions, the Trump administration faces two major decisions on what next for DACA and family separations. Following the Supreme Court’s decision in favor of DACA, will the administration reopen the popular program or try to… Continue »

Late last week, Facebook announced that it would do more to ban hate speech in its ads, after a boycott led by Color of Change was the catalyst that led 100 other brands to pull their advertising from the platform.  Facebook had come under fire for refusing to censor or moderate content like Donald Trump’s… Continue »

America’s Voice If Trump Decides to End DACA and Restart Family Separation, His Cruel Policies Will Backfire Politically Facebook Has Been a Hive of Racist Ads. It Should Be Vigilant About Pulling Them Down English 360Mag Detention Centers Must Release Children June 29, 2020 Waxahachie Daily Light Fact-check: How high is public support for ‘Dreamers’?… Continue »

Donald Trump does not wear a mask, in order to not appear “weak” to his minions. His followers, of course, believe that COVID-19 is an invention and they argue that it’s their “right” to not use face masks. However, upon not doing so, they trample directly over the rights of those of us who do… Continue »

Will Trump and Miller Restart Cruel Family Separation Policy?   On Friday, U.S. District Court Judge Dolly Gee ruled that the Trump administration must release 124 children who have been held for more than 20 days in family detention facilities. Judge Gee’s ruling cited the threat of COVID-19 and insufficient protections in the crowded facilities,… Continue »

Donald Trump no usa mascarilla para no parecer “débil” ante sus huestes. Sus segudiores, por supuesto, creen que el Covid-19 es una invención y argumentan que es “su derecho” no usar el tapabocas. Sin embargo, al no hacerlo, pisotean directamente los derechos de quienes sí queremos mantenernos seguros. Ese exceso de inmadurez social al que… Continue »

America’s Voice   We need masks against racism With Family Detention Facilities “On Fire” Due to COVID-19, It’s Time To Release All Families Hacen falta mascarillas contra el racismo English LA Times Trump policy and coronavirus leave agency bankrupt, tens of thousands of potential voters in limbo By MOLLY O’TOOLE June 28, 2020 El Semanario… Continue »

A recording of the call is available here   Earlier today, Black immigrant leaders and experts gathered on a press call to speak on the Black immigrant experience and focus in specifically on their exposure to continued unjust detention of Black immigrants across the country. Facing a public health pandemic that disproportionately impacts Black communities… Continue »

As the end of his first term draws near, Trump has kicked his efforts to drive out immigrants and refugees up a notch. Even in the midst of a pandemic that has claimed more than 120,000 American lives, Trump spent time this past week visiting his wasteful and pointless border wall in Arizona instead of… Continue »

How the Trump Administration’s Xenophobic Immigration Policies are Dismantling our Immigration System Without a Single Act of Congress Monday’s presidential proclamation extending and expanding an existing worldwide green card ban to include a ban on entry for potentially hundreds of thousands of temporary, high-skilled, seasonal and other workers is the latest action by the Trump… Continue »