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We need masks against racism

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Donald Trump does not wear a mask, in order to not appear “weak” to his minions. His followers, of course, believe that COVID-19 is an invention and they argue that it’s their “right” to not use face masks. However, upon not doing so, they trample directly over the rights of those of us who do want to stay safe.

This excess of social immaturity in which the system has fallen into the bureaucracy of its own benefits created segments of the population that think they deserve everything because, of course, they completely believe in the idea that living in the economy considered to be the strongest on the planet, until now, makes them immune to anything, including a virus, epidemics, and pandemics.

That is, for Trump and the others, using a mask is “shameful.” But, ironically, it is not “shameful” to exhibit their racism like a war trophy. Or rather, to be more interested in protecting their Confederate statues than the U.S. soldiers whose lives the Russians put a price on.

Overlapping the continuous presidential insanity, even against those who defend our national security abroad puts them in a type of perverse complicity that contradicts the highly praised patriotic U.S. attitude. For example, it’s darkly cartoonish to see how these minions have come out to demonstrate with guns on their shoulders in order to defend their “right” to a haircut or massage, because it seems impossible for them to be confined in their homes in order to avoid contagion and for the good of the community.

But that, unfortunately, is our distorted reality.

In that way, the Confederate statues are worth more to this administration than the lives of migrant children detained for more than twenty days, who finally the federal judge Dolly M. Gee ordered to be freed, citing the risk of contracting the coronavirus. Similarly, conducting rallies without masks or social distancing is more important to Trump, with the goal of giving the appearance of “normality,” although more than 125,000 U.S. citizens have perished as a consequence of the pandemic that his government has mismanaged.

With this he has demonstrated, since the beginning of this public health crisis, that the only thing that matters to him is how to extend his presidential term another four years, without taking into account that having considered COVID-19 a “hoax” from his opposition has triggered more than 2 million infected people in the United States, the highest number in the whole world. Truly irresponsible.

On the other hand, it is also more important for Trump to massage his ego, posting on Twitter a video of the crowd, one of whom was on a golf cart with the Trump 2020 logo shouting “White Power!”, only to later remove it and, immediately, his underlings defended him, saying that the president had not seen the entire video. But, who believes this? Once a liar, always a liar.

We already know that to him these people are very “fine,” and for that reason alone, the excuses are questionable.

Or perhaps Trump wanted to attract attention in order to divert it from the press report from The New York Times about the way a group of Russian spies offered money to the Taliban in Afghanistan in order to kill allied soldiers, including Americans. But Trump, the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, assures us that he knew nothing about it. Once again: who believes this? Of course, only 30% who risk being infected with COVID-19 just to see Trump, or who would drink the Kool-Aid if Trump, as the leader of a Jim Jones-type sect, tells them to.

What’s worrying is that we are barely even seeing how Trump has destroyed the reputation of this country in less than four years. What would happen if there were a second term? Because there is no doubt that in order to achieve this he would accept any sort of help, for example, foreign assistance, technological problems, or claiming fraud in order to seize power.

We must take into account, also worryingly, the fact that if he does not win, his incendiary rhetoric has already sown the seeds of a racial division that will be his principal legacy, a social anomaly that will once again take some time to correct by the new generations of Americans.

And it remains to be seen if the desire to avoid Trump’s reelection is as strong in the real world and at the polls as it is on social networks. Remember Hillary Clinton. A handful of votes, almost 80,000 in three states, put Trump into the White House.

It would be the ultimate mistake to believe, as in 2016, that Trump has no possibility of re-election. It’s almost like believing his affinity for racists and dictators is an accident or pure coincidence.

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