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Immigrants Launch Hunger Strikes Inside Detention Facilities In Texas And California

Immigrants across the nations are launching hunger strikes to highlight the conditions they face at various detention facilities. Earlier today, PRI reported on how 500 women set for deportation at the T. Don Hutto Detention Center in Liberty, Texas joiuned similar protests that took place in detention centers at  El Paso, Texas, and LaSalle, Louisiana. … Continue reading »

Profiting From Immigrants: Bail Bond Company Charges $420 A Month For A GPS Ankle Bracelet

Libre By Nexus, a Virginia-based bail bond company, has discovered a new way to profit off the misery of immigrants detained by ICE. A string of Spanish-language pieces from La Opinion and Univision highlight the disturbing trend. As a condition for paying their bond for their release from detention, the company is contractually forcing immigrants … Continue reading »

In Court Documents, Mothers Fleeing Violence Allege “Psychological And Physical Harm” At Family Detention Centers

A group of mothers fleeing violence in Central America have filed court papers alleging mistreatment — including “psychological and physical harm” — at family detention centers in Texas and Pennsylvania. From the New York Times: Claimants in the 60-page filing, all from Guatemala, Honduras, or El Salvador, include a woman who said she received poor … Continue reading »

“Children Do Not Belong In Prison”: Read The Powerful NYT Editorial Calling For An End To Family Detention

Early last week, a federal judge ordered the release of hundreds of mothers and children from family detention centers, citing a violation of a 1997 court settlement on the treatment of children in such centers. The ruling was hailed by immigration advocates, with the ruling having an almost immediate effect for some families in detention. … Continue reading »

178 House Democrats In Letter To DHS Secretary Johnson: End Family Detention Now

Following a federal judge’s ruling that holding mothers and their children in family detention facilities violates a 20-year-old court settlement, 178 House Democrats sent a letter to DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson urging him to end the harmful practice. In the letter, the Democrats say the “strong evidence that such detention is detrimental to mothers and … Continue reading »

“God Is With Them”: Meet The Faith Leaders Who Comfort Distraught Immigrant Families In Detention

As the first GOP Presidential debate approaches next week, immigration is sure to become a heated — and contentious — topic among the Republican candidates, many of whom are verging to the far-right on immigration in an attempt to woo primary voters. But we know it’s about so much more than just politicking here. Immigration isn’t just … Continue reading »

Storify: Social Worker, Moms Testify At Congressional #EndFamilyDetention Forum

Yesterday, a social worker and two formerly-detained mothers testified at a Congressional forum about horrific conditions at Karnes, a family detention facility in Texas. The forum, organized by leading House Democrats, featured harrowing details about the conditions mothers and children face in detention facilities. A Storify on the forum, featuring images of two of the … Continue reading »

At Congressional Forum, Social Worker And Formerly-Detained Moms Testify About Horrific Conditions At Karnes

In a forum on family detention organized by leading House Democrats yesterday, a social worker testified about the devastating abuse she witnessed while working at the Karnes family detention facility, including the denial of basic medical care for sick children. “What I saw during my time at Karnes made clear that the effects of family detention … Continue reading »

Social Worker Describes “Deplorable” Conditions While Working At Karnes Family Detention Center

As advocates applaud a judge’s ruling that holding women and children in detention violates a 1997 court decision, a social worker will today testify about the “deplorable” conditions she witnessed while working at the Karnes detention facility in Texas. From Esther Lee of ThinkProgress: At a Judiciary Democrats’ Forum on Family Detention set for Tuesday, … Continue reading »

Federal Judge Orders Release Of Hundreds Of Women And Children From Family Detention Facilities

Citing a 1997 court settlement on the detention of children, late last week U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee ruled that hundreds of mothers and children currently held in family detention facilities must be released by the federal government. From the AP: “The decision Friday by U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee in California is a victory … Continue reading »