The New York Times has a poignant piece about family separation today, separation that is occurring across our nation as a result of our broken immigration system. It details the story of Encarnaci�n Bail Romero, a mother who was locked up after an immigration raid in Carthage, Missouri, and her two year old son, Carlos. An immigration lawyer, Christopher Huck, argued: “In many cases, what state courts want to do �conflicts with what federal immigration agencies are supposed to do… then things spiral out of control, and it ends up in these real unfortunate situations.”

The bill does not call for an end to immigration raids, although we all know the Administration’s raids policy is not going to fix illegal immigration or get the system under control. As Secretary Chertoff’s remarks last year betrayed, these raids are more about cowboy politics than effective policy. No, the Menendez-Kennedy bill is simply about reigning in the way Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) handles its business. It is a very modest measure that asks ICE to exercise a bit of humanity, and a bit of common sense, as it goes about its campaign of immigration enforcement.